River North Brewery To Release Imperial Coffee Stout in Partnership with Logan House Coffee

River North Brewery partnered with local coffee roaster Logan House Coffee to use their incredible coffee for this imperial stout. Using Logan House’s medium/light roast, River North Brewery turned their beast of an imperial stout into a caffeinated boosted beer that you won’t be disappointed with. This year there will be a barrel-aged version as well as a non-barrel-aged version.

Starting off with a creamy, light caramel-colored head, Nightmare Fuel has subtle chocolate and light roast coffee right on the nose. Once you taste it you’ll pick up on all of the chocolate (there is no actual chocolate in the beer), coffee, and smooth flavors that mingle in your mouth. Whether you try the barrel-aged version or non-barrel-aged version, both are pleasantly smooth with the coffee notes adding to this deep, dark beer. The barrel-aged version was aged in whiskey barrels, adding even more of a body to this already full-bodied beer. Both beers are over 10% ABV.

Releasing at both taprooms on Saturday, October 23rd there will be limited amounts available on tap and in bottles to go, AND for the first time EVER River North Brewery is releasing Nightmare Fuel T-shirts! Get yourself a couple of bottles and a shirt…or get some for your coffee stout friends as gifts.

The weather is rapidly changing, forcing us to dig out our flannels, get new beanies, and stock up on dark beers! While River North Brewery thinks every season is Dark Beer Season, it’s time for everyone else to get on board with Dark beer Season and we all need some more caffeine in our lives so let’s get some Nightmare Fuel!

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