Red Hare Brewing Expands Southeastern Distribution


Marietta, GA — Consumers in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle will soon be able to enjoy the great taste of Red Hare craft beers. Thanks to Red Hare’s recent expansion, including a new state of the art brew house and high speed canning line, they will be able to grow their regional footprint to include these two neighboring states. “We’ve always felt the gulf shore would be a perfect fit for our cans,” says Roger Davis, founder and CEO of Red Hare Brewing Company. “I lived in Alabama for years, so I’m excited to be able to spend some time drinking Cotton Tail on the coast.”

Premium Beverage and Gulf Distributing Holdings add Red Hare to their craft beer portfolios.

As early as mid-March 2016, Premium Beverage, in Opelika, Alabama will be launching Red Hare in the Heart of Dixie. Followed by Allstate Beverage Company in Montgomery, Gulf Distributing Company in Mobile and Goldring Gulf, in the Florida Panhandle. “Everyone at Gulf Distributing Holdings is very excited to partner with Red Hare Brewing Company,” says Pete Teske, Craft Beer Ambassador at Gulf Distributing. “In addition to the liquid being flat-out exceptional, the sales team at Red Hare has been top-notch. Everyone in Marietta has just been great to work with.” Join Red Hare as they hit the market at the following launch events and more to be announced: March 16th 4pm: Niffers on the Tracks, Opelika; March 30th 6pm: Fishale Tap House, Panama City; March 30th 7pm: World of Beer, Destin; March 31st 5pm: World of Beer, Pensacola.

About Red Hare Brewing Company

Red Hare Brewing Company, the only microbrewery in Marietta, GA, currently distributes their brands throughout Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. Red Hare brews four year-round beers: Gangway IPA, Long Day Lager, Cotton Tail Pale Ale and Watership Brown. Red Hare was the first craft brewery in Georgia to can their beer and the world’s first brewery to use a more eco-friendly can, the evercan, made with guaranteed 90% recycled aluminum. The brewery tasting room is open to the public for tours and tastings Wednesdays through Fridays from 5:30-7:30 and Saturdays from 2-6 pm. For more information visit their website at