Perrin Brewing Installs New Canning Line

Grapefruit IPA Cans

Comstock Park, MI – Perrin Brewing Company has installed a Cask Brewing Systems canning line. Heavy hitters from Cask Brewing Systems (Mike Symcox) and Mumm Products (Mike Burns) came out to Perrin to personally oversee the installation of the canning line.

Pete Love of Cask Brewing Systems said “Our canning systems give small brewers an affordable, small-scale way to package their beer. They also allow craft brewers to put their beer in a package that’s portable, infinitely recyclable and gives their beer the ultimate protection.”

The new canning line allows the brewery to offer 12 ounce six-packs,” to go” only sales, of their highly sought-after Grapefruit IPA and Veterans Pale Ale, otherwise known as VPA, exclusively in their taproom beginning August 3rd.

“I’m really excited for our release of cans. We have seen some extremely high growth with selling of only draft beer this entire time, and packaging will take it a step further.” Stated Perrin Production Team Manager John Stewart, he further went on to say “I’m really happy we are going with cans, canned craft beer has a really positive reception in Michigan, with everyone being able to take cans with them wherever they go. Cans are also exceptionally good at keeping the quality of beer high, and cans don’t allow light or oxygen into the package to murder the beer.”

VPA is brewed in collaboration with the Freedom Cruise and is a fundraiser for the Finish the Mission Veterans Relief Fund in support of local veterans and their families.

Perrin will begin distributing their canned beers into the surrounding four county area; Kent, Montcalm, Barry, and Ionia, through West Side Beer Distributing. Gold Ale, Black Ale, and 98 Problems IPA will follow with distribution in late summer and early fall.

Cask started the craft in a can movement with Oskar Blues Brewery in 2002 canning Dales Pale Ale. Cans are known for eliminating the damaging effects of light and oxygen while being infinitely portable and recyclable.

About Perrin Brewing Company

Founded in 2011 in Comstock Park, MI, Perrin Brewing Company has seen rapid growth in their first few years. In addition to the strength of their brewpub experience, Perrin taps are found at more than 700 locations in Michigan, helping the brewery reach nearly 14,000 barrels with draft-only offerings in 2014.

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