Paulaner Releases ‘Best of Munich’ Variety Pack in U.S.

MUNICH — There may be just one thing that would make Paulaner beers more popular among discerning imported beer lovers in America: More of it. In more styles. In one, versatile, easy-to-pick-up six-pack. Paulaner, one of the largest breweries in Munich and synonymous with wheat beer, has created a Limited Edition Variety pack featuring selections of its favourite styles especially for the U.S. beer market.

Paulaner is best known for its Hefe Weizen, however the brewery makes a wide variety of great tasting styles including: Original Munich Premium Lager, Oktoberfest Märzen, Salvator Double Bock, and Oktoberfest Wiesn . All anchored in Bavarian brewing tradition and all expertly brewed using recipes perfected over 375 years ago.

Variety is a real hot button right now with consumers continually looking for different taste experiences. Paulaner is hitting the mark by launching “The Best of Munich” variety pack — a six-pack that’s constantly evolving and keeping the style selection current. “Since some of our styles might not always be easy to find, this pack allows consumers to easily experience a strong selection of our styles” says Catherine Parenteau, U.S. brand manager. “It’s a novel idea that the styles in the pack will vary with the seasons. And while the packs will change as our beer seasons change, Paulaner’s consistent quality will of course remain unchanged.”

With the help of the Paulaner variety pack, consumers will feel immersed in German tradition experiencing the best of Munich right in their own homes.