Oakshire Brewing Issues Voluntary Product Recall: Theme From the Bottom – Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie Sour Ale

EUGENE, OR – Oakshire Brewing is conducting a voluntary recall of Theme From the Bottom: Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie Sour Ale (Theme Mango Cheesecake). Today we became aware of an issue with our January 16th release of Theme Mango Cheesecake in 16oz cans. There are visible signs of refermentation in some of these cans causing the can to bulge and/or burst. This beer does not meet Oakshire’s quality standards and, as a precaution, we are alerting consumers of the issue. This beer was only sold through our taprooms in 16oz can packages from January 16, 2021 through January 18, 2021, with the majority of the cans sold online via pre-sale. All consumers who purchased this beer have been emailed a copy of this press release. No other Oakshire Brewing beers are affected by this recall.

Consumers: If you have Theme Mango Cheesecake in your possession, please do not open it. Do not attempt to transport or ship it. Do not attempt to return it. And do not remove the cans from the plastic holders. Dispose of the product by following these steps: (i) Before disposing of any cans of Theme Mango Cheesecake, please put on protective gloves and a face shield (or goggles and a mask); (ii) Place all remaining Theme Mango Cheesecake cans in a closed box and place immediately in a secured garbage container or dumpster outside.

Oakshire is proud of its innovative beers and is particularly proud of the Theme From the Bottom series. Unfortunately, in this instance, we missed the target. If you drank Theme Mango Cheesecake prior to reading this release, either in 16oz cans or on draft in one of Oakshire’s two taprooms, there is absolutely no danger and no cause for concern.

If you have any questions regarding this voluntary recall, please contact us at theme@oakbrew.com or if you would like to speak to us directly, please call Oakshire Brewing at 541-654-5524. If you have Theme Mango Cheesecake in your possession and are disposing of the potentially affected product and would like a refund or credit for a future release, please email your order number to theme@oakbrew.com.

About Oakshire Brewing

Oakshire Brewing of Eugene, Oregon, is a community inspired small batch brewing company founded in 2006. Oakshire is privately owned by the family and friends of its founders, employs 28 people, and produces a wide variety of beers through its three distinct brewing programs: Core, Pilot, and Vintage. These beers are available on draft and in package through Oakshire’s exceptional wholesale partners in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. Oakshire operates two taprooms in Oregon, the Oakshire Public House in Eugene is located at 207 Madison Street, and the Oakshire Beer Hall in NE Portland, which is located at 5013 NE 42nd Ave. Both locations are open daily. For more information about Oakshire, including our people, locations and beers, visit our website at oakbrew.com.

For more information: https://oakbrew.com/theme-from-the-bottom/