NorthGate Brewing Releases Minnesota’s First Nitro Stout in a Can

NorthGate Brewing Releases Minnesota’s First Nitro Stout in a Can, Plus 3 Other Beers

Minneapolis, MN — NorthGate Brewing is pleased to announce that its released four new canned beers at its taproom and in stores – including Minnesota’s first ever nitro stout to be featured in a can (Maggie’s Leap). The entire lineup is as follows:

Bitter Fool IPA

Bitter Fool IPA features a strong biscuit malt base, balanced out with a tropical fruit and herbal profile provided by the one of England’s newest hops, Jester. Bitter Fool IPA brings new world flavor to this British IPA.

SRM: 9, ABV: 7.3% IBU: 70, Fl. Oz.: 16

Maggie’s Leap

Maggie’s Leap is NorthGate’s take on a traditional Milk Stout, made unique by exclusively serving it on nitrogen. Coffee roast flavor leads the way, supported by milk chocolate and residual sweetness presented on a soft palate.

SRM: 38, ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 26 Fl. Oz.: 22


Pumpion – which is the Old English term for “pumpkin” – is our seasonal pumpkin spice beer. The addition of seasonal spices in the kettle combined with real pumpkin and vanilla result in the delicious taste of pumpkin pie with an English Pale Ale base.

SRM: 9, ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 38, Fl. Oz.: 22

Get Together

Get Together has an alcohol by volume (ABV) that could be considered passive, yet features an aggressive hop flavor. Overall, it’s an IPA that’s made for all of Minnesota.

SRM: 8, ABV: 4.4, IBU: 50, Fl. Oz: 16

About NorthGate Brewing

Located in Northeast, Minneapolis off of Broadway & Harding St NE, NorthGate Brewing provides a variety of British-inspired beers. Our goal is to make our beers approachable for beer lovers – all made possible by the passion, creativity, and consistency we put into each brew. For more information on NorthGate Brewing, visit: