Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Maker WellBeing Adds Distribution to Texas

ST. LOUIS — Texas consumers have another option for quenching their thirst this spring and summer: non-alcoholic craft beers from WellBeing Brewing Company.

The St. Louis-based craft brewer uses a unique vacuum distillation method to de-alcoholize the beer after it’s brewed and fermented—a process that retains more of the body, mouthfeel, aroma, flavor, and smoothness than other methods of producing NA beers.

That exceptional level of quality is what attracted Ambiente as the statewide distributor of record. “Our insatiable thirst for high quality innovative brands and products was the magnetic force to draw us to WellBeing,” said Tristan Maldonado, President and Co-Owner of Ambiente Beverage. “We will never stop searching for innovation and category growth for all Texas drinkers, alcohol or not.”

This is a fortuitous time for WellBeing to enter the Texas market. With the weather warming and restrictions related to COVID-19 fading, beer drinkers have a lot to look forward to. WellBeing’s line has an offering to match all of their activities, whether that’s dining out at a downtown Dallas restaurant offering high-end wines and spirits or taking a hunting trip with friends during the Rio Grande turkey spring season.

Retailers are looking to stock more NA craft beers, recognizing that about 30% of adults don’t drink alcohol at all—and seeing that the global NA market expanded by 38% in the 12 months ending in November 2020.

“The growth of the NA market is consumer-driven as people are re-evaluating and moderating their alcohol consumption, while also continuing to choose healthier lifestyle options,” said Genevieve Barlow. “WellBeing beers are part of that healthier lifestyle choice. Our beers are for anyone who enjoys the taste of a quality craft beer, but not necessarily the effects of alcohol. We’re excited to partner with Ambiente to bring our premium NA craft beers to more Texas store shelves and restaurants.”

After posting gains of 6.6% in 2019, the low- and no-alcohol beer category continued to grow rapidly in 2020, spurred by consumers’ decisions to limit calorie intake or cut back on alcohol for health reasons. Trends like Sober October and Dry January—which led 1 in 7 Americans to give up alcohol to start this year, even amidst the pandemic—add to the acceptance of NA beers.

In addition to WellBeing’s signature non-alcoholic craft beers—Hellraiser Dark Amber, Heavenly Body Golden Wheat, Intentional IPA, Victory Citrus Wheat, and Intrepid Traveler Coffee Cream Stout—the company offers a line of sparkling craft waters infused with CBD.

WellBeing beers are currently available at Spec’s, and starting in April, craft beer lovers will be able to find WellBeing products at more major retailers across Texas, including Whole Foods and Central Market. For more information, please reach out to Jeff Stevens at or visit

WellBeing Brewing

Launched in 2018 by Jeff Stevens and Genevieve Barlow out of a personal desire to enjoy a great-tasting NA craft beer. Jeff is proudly ‘non-alcoholic’ with 25+ years sobriety, but found he was constantly disappointed at the limited non-alcoholic beverage choices—coffee, sugary sodas, or iced tea—available for people who don’t drink alcohol. Genevieve enjoys craft beers, but with an active lifestyle that includes parenting teens, she does not have time for hangovers. 

WellBeing Brewing focuses on brewing premium NA craft beers for all occasions and for anyone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, is reevaluating their relationship with alcohol, or simply wants to take the night off. The company has locations in St. Louis, MO, and Virginia Beach, VA. For more information, please visit | IG @wellbeingbrewing | #RaiseWellBeing


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