No-Li’s “12” Small Batch Festival Fuels Sold-Out Attendance

Spokane, WAÔǪ Attendees at No-Li’s sold out “12” Small Batch Festival, held along the banks of the Spokane River on August 23, 2014, enjoyed rare barrel-aged, experimental and infused beers, live music and small plates. The festival depicts Spokane’s growing craft beer culture, and drew customer’s from three surrounding states.

The festival featured 12 rare beers. Attendees also enjoyed the first taste of No-Li’s first-ever bottled barrel aged beer, Blackfill, a triticale whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout. Only 1200 bottles were packaged and distributed around the Pacific N.W.

“Our small batch festivals are about more than just beer. They’re about rallying together our community for a memorable experience, and building local pride in Spokane,” says Brewmaster and co-owner, Mark Irvin.

People can expect to see a lot more barrel-aged and specialty beers from No-Li, as they continue to grow and develop their barrel-aged program, now over 50 barrels-strong, No Boundaries Pilot Series, and small batch festival schedule.

About No-Li Brewhouse

Born & Raised in Washington’s Inland Empire, No-Li Brewhouse is an internationally award-winning brewery, crafting Spokane-Style beers with No Boundaries: innovative beers brewed with locally sourced ingredients. No-Li has won nine international awards, including a gold medal from the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. For more information about our beers, brewery & the pub, visit