Ninkasi Brewing Company Launches in Santa Clara County, California

Ninkasi BrewingEUGENE, OR – Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Company launched its full line of draft, twelve, six, and twenty-two ounce bottle product offerings in Santa Clara County, California this week with San Jose-based DBI Beverage.

Ninkasi, named for the Sumerian Goddess of Fermentation, recently celebrated its sixth year in business and enjoys continued growth opportunity with the new territory expansion.

A Eugene facilities expansion is also underway taking the northwest brewery’s current 90,000 barrel capacity up to 200,000 in late 2013.

“Being able to finally meet grass-roots demand for our brand in the area is exciting” Said James Book, Ninkasi Marketing Director. “We’ve been active with events in the bay area for some time plus, our co-founder Jamie Floyd and some of us have NorCal upbringings.”

In addition to a deepening customer base in San Francisco and San Mateo counties in California, the Santa Clara County launch with DBI Beverage will augment Ninkasi Brewing Company’s current California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana footprint.

For more information about Ninkasi availability in Santa Clara County California contact DBI Beverage, San Jose (408) 259-0430