MKE Distillery Partners with Toppling Goliath to Create a Limited-Run Brandy

Something’s brewing over at Central Standard Craft Distillery. Cofounders Evan Hughes and Pat McQuillan are unveiling a collaboration with Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., the award-winning Iowa-based brewing company renowned for their IPAs and barrel-aged stouts.

Central Standard’s Toppling Goliath Barrel-Aged Brandy is the first of multiple planned releases in the distillery’s new Brewmasters Series.

“We live in the Brewers’ hometown, so we thought from a business perspective it was only natural to embrace Milwaukee’s great brewing heritage and launch a series of collaborations with brewmasters from across the Midwest,” Hughes said. “And no better one to start with than Toppling Goliath. They were recently named the 2021 Grand National Champion at the U.S. Beer Open Championship.”

Clark Lewey, owner and founder of Toppling Goliath, agreed. “We appreciate what Central Standard is doing on the innovation front and welcomed a collaboration with Pat and Evan with open arms,” Lewey said. “It’s great to see two Midwest family-owned companies dedicated to quality and built on innovation excelling in our industry.”

Central Standard’s Toppling Goliath Barrel-Aged Brandy will be available in a limited supply at retailers in Wisconsin and Iowa starting today.

“To really bring the flavor of the Midwest to life, we aged our already-delicious North Wisconsin Brandy an additional month in barrels previously used to create Toppling Waters stout,” McQuillan explained.

Before housing beer, the barrels were home to maple syrup. That flavor combination imparts a subtle espresso aroma with hints of chocolate, caramel and a faint sweet, maple syrup finish.

“The flavor profile of our Toppling Goliath Barrel-Aged Brandy makes it great on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned,” Hughes said. “It’s also perfect for wherever and whenever people relax, unwind or celebrate this fall and holiday season.”

Returning the F(l)avor

A great brandy collaboration deserves a beer one in return. So, Hughes and McQuillan plan to send Central Standard barrels to Iowa for use in creating a future Toppling Goliath beer.

“In the meantime, we hope folks will go out and discover our Central Standard’s Toppling Goliath Barrel-Aged Brandy at their local retailers or favorite local bar or restaurant.”

Central Standard: Your Local Midwest Craft Distillery

Central Standard Craft Distillery, a small batch, craft distillery in Milwaukee and the fastest growing top-10 Wisconsin-based distiller, handcrafts award-winning, bourbon, whiskey, vodka and gin from locally sourced ingredients. Founded in 2014, Central Standard spirits has won 37 medals across multiple categories for their craft distilling.

“For us, it’s not about the awards or the accolades,” Hughes explained. “it’s about making the best-tasting craft spirits with the finest local ingredients that bring to life the outdoor lifestyle of the Midwest

Central Standard’s portfolio of premium spirits includes Red Cabin Bourbon, Door County Cherry Vodka and North Wisconsin Brandy*. Door County Cherry Vodka is a blend of Central Standard’s award-winning 100% handcrafted vodka infused with Door County cherries, which are mellowed with a touch of local-harvested, fresh honey. North Brandy, which is handmade in small batches and aged for a minimum of two years, is finished in Central Standard bourbon barrels. Red Cabin Bourbon is aged to perfection and then finished in California Cabernet wine barrels. Thanks to the red-wine-barrel-finishing, Red Cabin Bourbon – which won a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits competition in 2019, delivers a complex-yet-approachable taste.

“When you think of our entire lineup – Door County Cherry Vodka, North Brandy and now Red Cabin: They’re all perfectly handcrafted for enjoying here in the Midwest or wherever your travels take you,” McQuillan concluded.

Central Standard Crafthouse & Kitchen: A Must-Visit Milwaukee Destination

In August, Hughes and McQuillan completed a multi-million-dollar project that transformed a formerly vacant three-story, 11,700-square-foot building in downtown Milwaukee into the Central Standard Crafthouse and Kitchen. The distillery’s new home, the first urban distillery and restaurant in the Midwest, boasts a tasting room, tour operation, restaurant, private-events space and rooftop patio. In addition, the renovated building, which was built in 1874 and is one of the oldest in Milwaukee, houses a 100-gallon pot still that will produce all spirits served and sold on-site.

About Toppling Goliath

Tucked into the bluffs of beautiful Decorah, Iowa, Toppling Goliath was founded in 2009 and has been working since to create truly top-shelf beer. Now world-renowned for its IPAs and barrel-aged stouts, Toppling Goliath is honored to be supported by so many beer lovers. Cheers from the Toppling Goliath team

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