Mission Brewery Nearly Doubles Production in 2013

John Egan

After nearly doubling production in 2013, San Diego’s Mission Brewery is aiming to stay on course in 2014 with another year of continued growth.

Mission sold 8,900 barrels across 12 states in 2013, up 88 percent over the year prior. This year, the brewery hopes to double production yet again.

Martin Saylor, Mission’s national sales manager, said the company is aiming to brew between 15,000 and 18,000 barrels in 2014, adding that current capacity is “about 28,000 barrels.”

“2013, for us, was really a matter of finding our feet and going toward what we would consider to be places with the most potential,” he said. “Demand’s never been bigger.”

Much of that demand is coming from Mission’s home state of California, where sales grew nearly 100 percent and accounted for 80 percent of the brewery’s overall sales. Mission is also growing in Colorado, Ohio, Florida and Arizona, Saylor said.

Saylor said that launch of Mission’s 32 oz. “Cannon” — an aluminum can used for select offerings from the brewery — has been a big driver of new sales. The Cannons “are absolutely blowing up,” Saylor said.

“In every market they’ve gone to, they’re a very unique item,” Saylor noted.

Mission sells the large-format package in all of its markets, with the exception of Pennsylvania, Saylor said.

Increasing demand prompted Mission to promote head brewer John Egan into a new role as the operations manager. Egan will oversee all operations at Mission, including brewing, packaging and day-to-day management.

“[H]e understands the challenges that come with our industry,” Mission Brewery founder Dan Selis said in a press release. “He’s also demonstrated strong leadership skills and professionalism throughout his career. That makes him immensely qualified for this new role, and we’re honored to have him lead Mission in this new position.”

Mission also has plans to hire additional representatives and salespeople in 2014 and, while Saylor would not disclose specific sales goals or regional expansion, he did say that the brewery is eyeing new markets.

“We’re just going to stay the course,” he said. “Increase our distribution, continue doubling each year if we can.”