Mill Street Still & Brew Rebrands as 10 TORR Precision Crafted Beers

RENO, Nev. — The Mill Street Still & Brew Taproom and Micron Beers, will now continue to operate under the banner of 10 TORR Precision Crafted Beers and the 10 TORR Tap Room (490 Mill Street, Reno, NV.) The vacuum distilled spirits will remain under the 10 TORR banner.

“We have decided to produce and distribute our beer and spirits under a single name – 10 TORR. As we expand our product distribution to new markets outside of Northern Nevada we want to be more focused in our marketing, ” said Will Whipple, Co-Owner and Brewmaster. “Originally there was some confusion regarding our family of products. We are proceeding with the name that we believe defines the unique and best qualities of the products that we produce. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for us, we have many new beer and spirits releases on the horizon including canned craft cocktails.”

10 TORR products are distributed through New West Distributing, Inc. of Sparks, NV. and currently available at fine tap houses, restaurants, Total Wine, and Ben’s Liquor. The brewery-distillery opened last June.

About 10 TORR Vacuum Distilled Spirits:

The hand-built, proprietary vacuum distillation process (also known as cold distillation) occurs at extremely low pressure and at below room temperature. In traditional distillation, heat is applied which causes chemical reactions that create unwanted, harsh flavors. 10 TORR Technology distills without added heat thus eliminating these chemical reactions allowing the pure and unique flavors of the spirits to shine through without the typical harshness. Current offerings include Vodka and soon a London Dry Gin. 10 TORR is currently one of a handful of distilleries in the world that cold distills its products and the only one known to produce all of its products from grain to glass.

About 10 TORR Precision Beers:

The brewhouse and fermentation equipment was designed and built right here in Reno, NV. This custom equipment enables the use of malts, grain, and whole cone hops from smaller independent producers without sacrificing efficiency or quality. The beer is clarified through a centrifuge to best protect the aromas and flavor without adding chemical fining agents. Advanced design and technique are used every step of the way to create the best beer possible.