Macon Beer Co. Announces Expansion

Macon, Georgia — Macon Beer Company is announcing a cellaring equipment expansion that will provide an additional 400% to its production capacity.

“This expansion will move the company toward a larger distribution area, more year-round brands, and additional packaging options,” said Co-Owner Jeremy Knowles.

The equipment is scheduled to arrive during the next couple weeks and will be installed in May. Since it takes about a month to make a batch of beer, it will be summer before the market sees the impact of the increased production. Once operational, this expansion will allow Macon Beer Company to produce enough beer to expand distribution to other regions of the state, such as metro Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus.

Cory Smith, Co-Owner of Macon Beer Company, elaborates: “The additional capacity gets us a step closer to canning our beers and that will result in potential product placement in package stores, grocery stores, and restaurants without draft beer, such as Ingleside Village Pizza and Lemongrass. It also gets a Macon product into other areas of the state, therefore bringing more revenue back to our town.”

The newly manufactured fermentation vessels were American-made in Oregon by AAA Metal Fabrication using American steel. “Buying American is very important to us,” says Knowles, “It’s more expensive sometimes, but we are strong advocates of keeping work inside the country and we hope to find a local manufacturer for our future expansion needs.”

The new vessels are custom designs to Macon Beer Company’s specifications to allow for more efficient operation in its facility.

About Macon Beer Company

Macon Beer Company is a Macon-based craft brewery, living by the motto “Engineering Great Beer.” Led by long-time friends Jeremy Knowles and Cory Smith, Macon Beer Company produces local craft beer that celebrates the history of Macon and contributes to its progress. Knowles, a chemical engineer brings an innovative perspective to the brewing process. The company is focused on applying lean manufacturing principles, as well as innovation, sustainability and community. Macon Beer Company is located at 345 Oglethorpe St. Macon, Georgia 31061. For more information visit