Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company Releases ‘Jeez Louise’


Kiln, Miss. – Jeez Louise is a Pepper Ale unlike any other. A Pale Ale at heart, this beer takes the highly revered Citra Hop and marries it with the Jalapeño Pepper in a brew that is light on heat and amazingly drinkable. The soft water of Kiln really lets the Jalapeño flavor shine through allowing for a wonderful balance that showcases the flavors of both the hops and the peppers.

The Citra Hops have refreshing tones of melon, passion fruit, and lychee thus providing a tropical atmosphere that lets the heat of the Jalapeño Peppers tease the taste buds. Bringing together the sultry combination of malt, aromatic hops, and spicy peppers this balanced brew is approachable, quenchable, and shareable. Jeez Louise is offered in draft and four-pack bottles. This seasonal brew is available for a limited time and can be located using the brewery’s Beer Finder.

About Lazy Magnolia Brewery:

Lazy Magnolia is Mississippi’s oldest packaging brewery, and the first one since prohibition was enacted in 1907. We’ve been offering locally brewed beer to Mississippians since we were founded. Since then, in addition to our home-state, you can now find our delicious brews in your favorite bars, restaurants, and local retailers throughout the South and surrounding states, including: MS, AL, LA, TX, GA, FL, SC, OH, KY, IL, NY, MO, AR, IN, KS, OK, VA, and TN.