Kodiak Island Brewing Company Planning Expansion

Kodiak Island Brewing Company

In 2011, Kodiak Island Brewing Company produced just 870 barrels, up 8.5 percent over 2010. But it could have been more, according to Ben Millstein, KIBC’s founder and head brewer.

That’s because even Kodiak, the nation’s second-largest island in area, but with a population of only 14,000 is experiencing the effects of the craft beer boom. KIBC founder and head brewer Ben Millstein said the company would have been up around 15 percent had it not been for capacity issues.

Kodiak is currently the only craft beer maker on the island. The company currently distributes on draught and in growlers to local restaurants, bars and off-premise accounts.

Recognizing the need for more capacity and the consumer thirst for his beer, Millstein plans to move from his current 2400 square foot facility into a larger 8500 square foot space located in the downtown area. He said he plans to add additional fermentation space and an expanded tasting room.

“The new space will be right in the center of town,” he said. “All of a sudden, people who might not have taken the extra time to come down to the brewery will be driving by us every day so I think the location will help increase our traffic.”

Pending approval of a small-business loan, Millstein said he hopes to have the move completed by June.