Jiant Hard Kombucha Announces New Seasonal Program with Cool Beans

To kick off the new year, Jiant Hard Kombucha is delighted to announce a brand new seasonal program with the launch of its latest creation “Cool Beans,” featuring organic coffee and blueberry. Starting this week, the 5% ABV seasonal flavor will be available in 16oz single cans throughout Southern California and Colorado, with additional market rollouts to come soon.

Blurring lines between morning routines and evening rituals, Cool Beans accents Jiant’s signature clean and crisp hard kombucha with freshly brewed organic fair-trade coffee. Smooth notes of roasted nuts and chocolate are complemented by a sweet burst of organic blueberries, creating a refreshingly balanced and surprisingly light can of joe. Cool Beans sports a fair-trade certified medium-roast coffee from Allegro that hails from a 100% women-owned smallholder cooperatives in Honduras.

A self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, Jiant co-founder Aaron Telch says that Cool Beans has been a passion project since the brand launched in 2019. “I’ve always wanted to find a way to work coffee into what we’re doing with hard kombucha,” says Telch. “On its own, coffee can have such interesting and diverse flavors ranging from fruity to floral, spicy to sweet, depending on factors such as climate, processing, and roasting. In many ways, it’s very similar to tea which is something we are intimately familiar with.”

While using coffee in hard kombucha is novel, using coffee in alcohol is not. “There are certainly some fantastic coffee flavored beers out there, but they are typically of the heartier, stick-to-your-ribs winter variety and emphatically coffee-forward,” says Telch. “On the flip side, the idea for Cool Beans was really to showcase the versatility of coffee as an ingredient and give people a slightly different coffee experience, one that is perhaps a little more nuanced and unexpected.”

Like all of Jiant’s other hard kombuchas, Cool Beans packs plenty of character while remaining light and approachable. As always, it’s gluten-free and brewed from all organic and non-gmo ingredients, including high-grade Dragonwell Green Tea and sustainably sourced and pesticide-free Brazilian honey.

“This has been a really fun project for our team. It’s pretty cool to see everyone grinding their own beans at home and perfecting their pour-overs. We even have a roaster!” says Telch. As part of the process, Jiant immersed itself in the world of coffee sourcing and production to better understand the amazing ecosystem of which most consumers only see the end result. As such, Jiant will be reserving a portion of sales from its seasonal program to support these local food systems, sustainable farming practices, and economic growth in and has already started to identify partners. “We see an opportunity to make a positive impact throughout our supply chain, starting with coffee, but eventually extending much further.” says Telch.

Jiant will continue to bring new seasonal offerings to market throughout the year, highlighting craft-forward ingredients and unconventional flavor profiles. Jiant sees its seasonal program as an opportunity to trial new brands and push the boundaries of innovation while not losing focus of its core lineup which continues to earn its way into more sets at national retailers such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Kroger.


About Jiant

Jiant is a better-for-you alcohol company dedicated to sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients to deliver superior gluten-free beverages that are approachable, transparent, and delicious. Jiant is known for its clean, crisp and refreshing hard kombuchas that are thoughtfully crafted with high-grade green tea, sustainable honey, fresh-brewed botanicals and real fruit. To learn more please visit jiantkombucha.com and follow along on Instagram @jiantkombucha.

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