Jack’s Abby Expands Distribution to Eastern Pennsylvania

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FRAMINGHAM, MA — Jack’s Abby Brewing today announces its partnership with Shangy’s to expand the brewery’s distribution to Eastern Pennsylvania. Currently distributed in its home state of Massachusetts, as well as Connecticut, upstate New York and parts of Vermont, the Shangy’s relationship furthers the brewery’s goal of becoming a top Northeastern regional brewery.

Jack’s Abby will release its lagers for the month of April, allowing the brewery to test the market prior to permanent distribution when the brewery’s major expansion is complete in the first quarter of 2016. “We are extremely excited to partner with Shangy’s and expand into the Pennsylvania market,” said Sam Hendler, co-Owner and Head of Sales, “We believe Pennsylvania beer drinkers will be intrigued and pleased by our unique offering of craft lagers.”

Shangy’s will distribute both draft and package for all of Jack’s Abby’s year-round offerings (Hoponius Union, Mass Rising, Leisure Time, Jabby Brau and Smoke & Dagger), as well as some seasonal and specialty brews including Framinghammer, Saxonator and Calyptra. Pre-sales will begin today and run through February 20th.

About Jack’s Abby Brewing, LLC

Jack’s Abby Brewing is a family-owned craft brewery in Framingham, MA founded by three brothers, Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler. They are known for focusing entirely on craft lagers, using traditional German brewing techniques to create new, boundary pushing lagers. Jack’s Abby Brewing’s flagship lager, Hoponius Union, is an India Pale Lager. This new style combines cold fermentation and extended lagering times with a bold west coast hop profile to create a huge tropical fruit and citrusy hop aroma with a dry, crisp finish.