Indeed Brewing Company to Release Rum King Imperial Stout in Cans


Minneapolis, MN — Indeed Brewing Company is set to release Rum King Imperial Stout, and for the first time, this beer will be available in 4-packs of 12 oz. cans.

“This is the fourth year of the Rum King’s reign as one of our most anticipated and sought after releases,” says Tom Whisenand, co-founder of Indeed. “This year we are thrilled about Rum King being in cans as it will improve the quality of the beer and present a better value over the large format bottles to our customers.”

Indeed, it’s hard to argue with cans when it comes to protecting the precious liquid within. As Indeed Brewing Company’s Quality Manager Daniel Howell explains, “Cans tend to do a better job at protecting the beer from its enemies – sunlight and oxygen. The opaque nature of the can and very tight seal of the lid make it an ideal package for keeping beer fresher for a longer time.”


The flavor profile of Rum King changes a bit each year; the recipe stays the same, but the variation in the rum barrels and aging conditions of the barrels ultimately give the beer much of its character. The process of whittling down which barrels to blend into the final product is painstaking; as Howell explains, “First, every barrel is tasted for off-flavors. For Rum King these are usually a sour or acetone flavor. Those barrels that don’t make the cut get dumped.” It’s a tough job tasting all that Rum King, but someone has to do it.

The result of all that meticulous tasting and blending is a luxuriously smooth and pitch black Imperial Stout with complex notes of toffee and vanilla, strong rum, and dark chocolate. Best enjoyed at about 45°F from your favorite beer glass, Rum King offers up complex flavors of chocolate, coffee, and dark fruit backed by rich roasted malts and pleasant barrel wood. Boasting a thick, creamy mouthfeel and clocking in at a nearly “Navy strength” 10.5% ABV, it’s a sipper worth savoring.

The first chance to taste this year’s Rum King will be on Tuesday, October 4th at the 331 Club, where Indeed will be hosting a release party with exclusive access to 2016’s Rum King alongside vintages from 2015 and 2014, and Whiskey Queen, its whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout.

Rum King will be available in very limited quantities on draft and in new 12 oz. cans beginning in early October, with distribution to include Minnesota, North Dakota, and parts of Wisconsin. In order to comply with federal government regulations surrounding the use of the word “rum,” the official name on the can is now “Rum Barrel Aged King.”

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