Hop Culture Magazine Acquires The Hop Review

NEW YORK — Hop Culture Magazine announced they’ve acquired digital media company The Hop Review. Founded in 2012 by Jack Muldowney and Tom White, The Hop Review has put out high-quality content and photography from the Midwest and beyond for almost a decade. On January 8th,2020, The Hop Review announced it had published its final piece.

During their almost 10-year run, The Hop Review published weekly, conducting over 150 feature interviews and curating craft beer culture across the globe. They earned awards from Saveur for Best Drinks Coverage. They also threw industry-leading events.

Hop Culture Magazine also has a history of publishing high-quality editorial about the craft beer industry, earning awards and support from the North American Guild of Beer Writers and the Brewers Association. Since their launch in January 2017, they’ve thrown over two dozen of the country’s leading craft beer festivals.

Moving forward, all of The Hop Review’s editorial content will have a permanent home on the Hop Culture Magazine website. Additionally, Hop Culture Magazine will be taking over The Hop Review’s email newsletter.

With Draft Magazine and All About Beer Magazine going bankrupt last year, and Beer Advocate getting acquired by Untappd, platforms for independent beer journalism are few and far between.

The merger between Hop Culture Magazine and The Hop Review reaffirms Hop Culture’s commitment to independent craft beer journalism. More broadly, during a time of general economic turmoil, it’s rare to see a company thriving, much less a magazine. Alternative high quality content can be seen on WeeklyAds2 which cover contents like Kroger Ad. The last two quarters have been Hop Culture’s most profitable yet, indicating a bright future for independent craft beer journalism.

About Hop Culture Magazine

Hop Culture Magazine was started in January 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Written and presented with the needs of the beer drinker in mind, the site provides readers with food and bev content from around the world. Independently operated and still headquartered in Pittsburgh,Hop Culture publishes five days per week, every week.