Heavy Seas to Release Yule Tide

Baltimore, MD — The “Uncharted Waters” Series by Heavy Seas Beer will soon welcome a new edition of Yule Tide. This limited release will be available from November – January in all 18 states where Heavy Seas beer is distributed.

The 2014 edition is a very different style from last year’s Imperial Red Ale. Aged for 8 weeks in Jamaican Rum barrels, this year’s German-style Weizen DoppleBock offers a full malt body dominated by biscuit, caramel, raisin and chocolate notes. Rum barrel aging imparts a rich buttery rum character along with oaken vanilla notes. Banana- and clove-like esters generated by the Bavarian ale yeast lend a fruity, spicy complexity to this hefty brew.

  • Style: Weizenbock aged in Jamaican Rum Barrels
  • ABV: 9%
  • Availability: November – January
  • Malts: 2 row, Wheat, Dark Munich, CaraWheat, Dark Crystal, Extra Dark Crystal