Heavy Seas Releases New World Saison

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BALTIMORE, MD — Heavy Seas Beer is pleased to introduce the fourth beer in its draft-only program, the Desert Island Series. This program features one-off releases of beers designed by individual members of the Heavy Seas brewing team. Each beer in the series will be limited to only 100 barrels available at select locations within Heavy Seas’ 18 state distribution footprint. This limited release, a “New World” Saison at 6.5% ABV, will be available in August,

According to Brewmaster, Christopher Leonard, “Adventurous, daring, ambitious, and quirky, the latest Desert Island Series beer is brought to you by the funk brothers, Henry Jager and Ryan Johnson.  Using hops from the “new world” (of brewing), New Zealand and Australian hops lend a zesty kick to this golden ale.  A special strain of French Saison yeast and pink pepper berries provide the spicy kick, wheat malt the frothy head, and a touch of biscuit malt the bready balance.  Dry hopping contributes further fruity aromatic complexities.  There is a lot going on here!”