Hartwall Original Long Drink Debuts in the US

Hartwall Original® Long Drink, known as the national drink of Finland, is a refreshing mix of Finnish artisan gin and grapefruit that has charmed Finns for over 70 years.  During the 1952 Helsinki Olympic games, in order to help local bartenders serve the throngs of thirsty visitors with ease, Hartwall Brewery came up with a brilliant solution: the first ready-to-drink gin cocktail. Hartwall Original® Long Drink was an innovation before its time: a ready-mixed beverage with a unique taste made from Finnish gin, grapefruit, and the purest water in the world. To this day, this sophisticated, yet easy-going Original Long Drink holds on to its heritage as the world’s first readymade gin cocktail.

A long kept Finnish secret treasure, the Original Long Drink captured the imagination of cocktail lovers around the world with its artisanal flavour and the brand’s humble creation story. Demand for the refreshing beverage swelled abroad until the company finally began wide-scale export of the Original Long Drink to Europe in the Spring of 2015. The classic beverage continues to offer the same recipe created in 1952, and it sells in 15 countries including Sweden, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

In response to the increasing popularity of the ready-to-drink category, the drink was introduced to the U.S. market in a soft launch in September 2020 in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, DC., and has since created a consumer demand that has led to increased distribution in other major states. The Ready-to-Drink beverage category (RTD) is the only category that grew in 2020 in the US and Canada. Market data projects that the RTD category will grow in volume by 72% in the US and almost 42% globally between 2019 and 2024.

Hartwall Original Long Drink is pleased to announce its official debut with the top distributors in the country in the states of California, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts in July 2021. “Our partnership with best in class distributors in the US, and the unique story of the Original Long Drink will bring an outstanding success to the brand,” says Felix Sencion, Commercial Director of the Americas for The Danish Brewery Group, exclusive importer.

“We’re extremely excited to launch The Original Long Drink, imported from Finland, in the New York Market. We know that this classic beverage is well suited for today’s consumers, and our retailers are excited to try the authentic version of this popular Finnish beverage”, says Alex Bergson, Vice President N.Y.W.S Manhattan Beer Distributors.

“Original Long Drink, the first of its kind, is something quite unique. I am proud to represent a company that owns such an amazing brand. I believe that there are millions of people who will love the drink and the authenticity behind the brand. It is Original as its name, made in Helsinki, Finland with the same ingredients since 1952. Often imitated, but never replicated, as only one can be Original.”  Says Angelica Diaz, US Senior Sales Manager. “Hartwall Original Long Drink after creating the whole long drink category in Finland, continues to expand distribution into new countries, and we’re excited to develop our consumer geographical reach to the next level.”

The drink is mixed from Finnish hand-crafted gin and grapefruit according to the original recipe. Available in 6 Packs of 12 Oz (355 ml) cans, with an alcohol content of 5.5%.

Original Long Drink is available in the following states:

California: Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC).

Georgia: Savannah Distributing.

New York: Manhattan Beer Distributors.

Western New York: Wright Beverage Distributing

Connecticut: F&F Distributors.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts: Horizons Beverage.

Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, DC: Fermented Beverage.

About Hartwall Original Long Drink 

Hartwall Original Long Drink is the world’s first long drink. The Original Long Drink was created for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. 

About The Danish Brewery Group, Inc. 

Part of Royal Unibrew A/S and exclusive importer of Hartwall Original Long Drink. 

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