Great Divide Brewing Company Collaborates With The Real Dill

DENVER — While enjoying beers in the Great Divide Brewing Company Tap Room, Tyler DuBois and Justin Park, the co-founders of The Real Dill, developed the inspiration for their newest product, Titan Dills. Armed with knowledge of the phenomenal pairing power between craft beer and craft pickles, the duo approached Great Divide about a potential collaboration — and as huge proponents of great beer and food pairings themselves, the team at Great Divide jumped on board.

Unlike some successful previous brewery-brinery pickle collaborations, Titan Dills are made without a single drop of finished beer. Instead, the Real Dill worked alongside Great Divide Brewing Company’s Head Brewer, Taylor Rees, to incorporate raw brewing ingredients into the pickle brine mixture. After several test batches using different malt and hop combinations, the team’s favorite pickle was based on Great Divide’s Titan India Pale Ale recipe: same malts, same hops, in the same proportions.

DuBois, Park, and Rees’ idea for using beer ingredients in the pickle brine was simple; natural sugars and aromas are extracted from the roasted malts, while whole hop flowers capture bright citrus notes and a balancing bitter finish. The end result is a pickle that highlights what Titan IPA fans love about the beer — big citrus flavors, crisp hop bitterness and the perfect balance of rich malt character.

Titan Dills are available for purchase in the Great Divide Brewing Company Tap Room and select Denver-area specialty food shops.

Titan Dills: Product Ingredients

fresh cucumbers, malted barley, whole hops, fresh dill, fresh onions, fresh Serrano pepper, fresh garlic, water, vinegar, salt, pure cane sugar, spices.