Garage Brewing to Release Cherry Top Belgian Stout

Temecula, CA — On Tuesday, August 15th, Garage Brewing Co will be releasing Cherry Top Belgian Stout in limited quantities both on tap at their brewpub in Temecula, CA and in 22 oz bottles at select locations throughout Southern California.

Flavors of tart and sweet come together harmoniously in Garage’s fourth release of their barrel-aged series. The inspiration behind bourbon barrel-aged Cherry Top started with wanting to capture the complimentary flavors of chocolate and cherry. Then, Garage decided to take it a step further by incorporating notes of vanilla to add another element of richness.

Brewmaster Guy Bartmess explains “Your beer is only as good as the barrel it comes out of.” The bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, known for making quality whiskey, were aptly chosen to elevate the sumptuous flavors of cherry, chocolate, and vanilla. Interestingly, the aromas and nuances typically associated with the use of Belgian yeast were altered during Cherry Top’s six-month barrel aging process. This resulted in a truly unique flavor Garage Brewing is extremely excited about. This enjoyable, limited reserve brew is sure to put the cherry on top of any evening.

ABV: 9.2%
IBU: 35

Check Garage Brewing’s brewpub beer availability on their Facebook page @garagebrewco under “Beer List.