Empyrean Brewing Co. Announces Release of LemonWeizen


Lincoln, NE — Empyrean Brewing Co. announces the release of a new beer in its Carpe Brewem line, a LemonWeizen. Brewed with wheat and Meyer lemons for a bready base with a refreshing citrus finish.

Brewing with wheat instead of barley is an ancient tradition that stretches back to the earliest days of brewing.

Pairing wheat beer with fruit has precedent in Europe where alcoholic cordials and fruit syrups were first used to create easy-drinking, refreshing beers. Flavored wheat ales are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in America–the home of “throw-the-rule-book-away” hybrid beer style creation.

The limited LemonWeizen is being released to Midwest markets now in mixed 12-packs and on draught. Seize the beer before it’s gone.