E-Commerce Startup BruYou Launches in Pennsylvania

The BruYou App team from L to R: Tim Grisillo, Nick Mingone, Ryan Perri, and Jeff Grisillo.

Pennsylvania – A local Pennsylvania startup, BruYou, is aiming to change the way you buy drinks for your friends at breweries, bars, and restaurants.

Launched in 2020 as a way to buy someone a drink, the BruYou app is quickly becoming a huge solution for businesses during the pandemic to gain additional revenue.

The group behind the app: Tim Grisillo, Jeff Grisillo, Ryan Perri, and Nick Mingone. We spoke with them to learn more about the app, as well as their plans.

While the app was not created for the current environment, bars, breweries, and restaurants are partnering with BruYou as a way to stay connected to their patrons and allow them to continue buying drinks during the lockdowns.

Most people are familiar with popular peer-to-peer apps that allow you to send your friend’s money. Instead of sending people money, BruYou allows you to send your friends drinks. Drinks that can be redeemed contactless in person, all through the app.

Drinks purchased also means instant revenue for the business, regardless of when that drink is redeemed. And what better way to stay connected with your friends than by sending them their favorite drink right from the comfort of your couch?

The team is rapidly expanding its outreach and looking to partner with local bars, breweries, and restaurants to offer innovative revenue solutions for both during and after Covid.

“The app is meant to connect people to a drinking experience that they may otherwise not be able to share in person. Can’t make a 21st birthday? Sent a drink! Can’t make a graduation? Send a drink! With our current reality though, the app can be an added revenue stream for breweries, bars, and restaurants who can offer drinks, get paid now, and have a customer ready to come in when normalcy sets back in.” – Ryan Perri, Co-Owner BruYou App

The app is easy to use and intuitive for users as well as businesses. Users can simply sign up for an account in just a few minutes. You can search for a friend to send a drink to, then see the available businesses to buy them a drink at. Alternatively, the app tells you when you have been sent a drink, to where, and by who. You head to that business and redeem the drink in person.

This app is free to download, and the group has even built in a tip for each transaction, to ensure servers and bartenders are taken care of.

Businesses who are interested in being a part of this app can get loaded in as little as 5 minutes, the team tells us. The app team tells us there are more features coming for owners too. This includes reporting, as well as the ability to change your menu on the fly, in future releases of the app.

As the app grows, the group plans to expand to more and more cities and states, with the hope of helping even more businesses along the way.

Find more details about the app at www.bruyouapp.com, as well as the original story on www.breweriesinpa.com.

About BruYou App

BruYou App was developed by four local Pennsylvania friends, and launched in 2020. Instead of sending people money, BruYou allows you to send your friends drinks. Drinks that can be redeemed contactless in person, all through the app.

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