D&V International Releases St. Bernardus Wit Ale in 11.2 oz. Cans

JUPITER, Fla. — D&V International, Inc. premier importer of specialty beers from Belgium and Poland and the exclusive importer of the Brewery St. Bernardus product line is pleased to announce that the award winning St. Bernardus Wit Ale is now available in cans.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new format of the classic Belgian Witbier – St Bernardus Wit exclusively for the U.S. market. The 11.2 oz. cans offer greater exposure for one of the best white ales in the world,” said Jesse Mogk, National Sales Manager, D&V International.

“We are very excited to provide this new packaging to the U.S. market, it’s the first time we canned one of our beers. We believe our customers will be very excited with this additional format!” said Marco Passarella, Sales Manager, Brewery St. Bernardus.

Available in four packs of 11.2 fl. oz. cans, featuring a specially designed new label, St. Bernardus Wit can be found at major national retailers, restaurants and bars that currently carry the St. Bernardus product line.

“Our commitment to import the finest beers has remain unchanged over the last 20 years,” said D&V President Wiesia DeVore. “We listened to our customers and look forward to continuing to not only import new products but also new ways to enjoy the award winning beers they already know and love.”

About D&V International, Inc.

D&V International, Inc. established in 1998, is the premier importer of specialty beers from Belgium and Poland. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of quality in specialty beer distribution. The products from our breweries represent some of the major Belgian specialty beer styles. Authentic abbey ales, abbey-style ales, artisanal ales including wheat, blond, brown, triple, golden ale as well as Flemish red ale, and finally a traditional Belgian Lambic.

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