Devil’s Foot Announces AlaBev Partnership

Asheville, NC – Devil’s Foot Beverage Company, the Asheville-based craft soda maker specializing in farm-to-can beverages, is excited to announce a new partnership with AlaBev, Alabama’s premier food and beverage distributor that has serviced the entire state of Alabama for over a century. Devil’s Foot craft sodas will start hitting the shelves of AlaBev’s retail customers this week, fulfilling a new sweet spot in AlaBev’s ever-growing portfolio: a healthier and more flavorful non-alcoholic craft beverage that also functions as a perfect cocktail and mocktail mixer.

The founders of Devil’s Foot Beverage Company, Ben Colvin and Jacob Baumann, both hail from the state of Alabama. Colvin was born and raised in Birmingham, and Baumann was raised in nearby Pinson Valley. “We’re really excited to see Devil’s Foot in stores throughout our home state – it’s been a longtime goal for us,” says Colvin. “We’re proud to partner with AlaBev, especially because of their time-tested commitment to taking such good care of their retail customers. We’re grateful for the strong relationships that we were raised with in Alabama, and that’s what we’re carrying forward with Devil’s Foot – working directly with the farmers and growers, making sure that we’re doing business in a sustainable way, and giving back to the local community as much as we can.”

Officially launching in Asheville in 2017 with their Classic Ginger Beer, Devil’s Foot now produces ten distinct flavors of craft soda, all of which are crafted with local and organic roots and fruits and have 20 grams of sugar or less per can. In addition to their Classic Ginger Beer flavor, the lineup includes Fuego Ginger Beer, Blackberry Ginger Beer, Sparkling Black Tea & Lemonade, Sparkling Lemonade, Sparkling Limeade, Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade, Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade, Sparkling Cherry Limeade, and the new Ben’s Friends Sparkling Peach Lemonade. The entire line of craft sodas is sweetened using fresh fruits, regionally-sourced honey, and organic cane sugar, avoiding high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors completely.

“Our retail customers have come to expect excellence from us, and that makes Devil’s Foot a perfect fit for our portfolio,” says Brad Conner, AlaBev’s Brand Manager. “We love that these sodas are such a celebratory, flavorful craft beverage without being an alcoholic beverage – they definitely fill a much-needed niche in the market. At AlaBev, we know that providing a good customer experience is all about relationships, and that’s how Devil’s Foot operates, too – cultivating those long-term relationships with the farmers and the customers.”

In addition to distribution throughout the state of Alabama, Devil’s Foot Beverage Company products can be found throughout the Carolinas. Shipping is also available nationwide, with cases of 24 (including a ‘build your own case’ feature) available online.

About Devil’s Foot Beverage Company

Launched in 2017 by a group of friends in Asheville, NC, Devil’s Foot Beverage Company produces a full line of farm-to-can craft sodas using local and organic roots and fruits. Sweetened with real fruit, regionally sourced honey, and organic cane sugar, each Devil’s Foot soda has 20 grams or less of sugar per can. A member of Conservation Alliance, Devil’s Foot is committed to creating sustainable solutions for every step of the production process, including re-homing the byproducts of the soda-making process, as well as collaborative local sourcing and supporting community-oriented non-profits.

About AlaBev

AlaBev is the premier DSD (Direct Store Delivery) Distributor servicing the entire State of Alabama, distributing and importing a diverse portfolio of beverages. A family-owned and operated business, AlaBev has been part of the food and beverage industry in Alabama for more than 110 years, often cultivating multi-generational relationships with our retail customers. AlaBev is committed to providing the best experience possible, and is proud of the trust our suppliers continue to place in our ability to grow brands together. We know that having a worry-free experience brings value to our retail customers, and today, more than 3,000 retail customers sell AlaBev products across the state of Alabama, a testament to that value.

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