Deep Ellum Brewing Company Releases Blind Pickle Hard Seltzer

Dallas, Texas – Deep Ellum Brewing Company announces the release of Blind Pickle Hard Seltzer, a guaranteed-not-to-suck seltzer crafted for pickle lovers. Blind Pickle is part of a rotating seltzer series that presents limited release hard seltzer flavors. The series is a spin-off of Deep Ellum’s year-round Blind Lemon Hard Seltzer. Blind Pickle is now available throughout Texas.

Blind Pickle is a light, zesty hard seltzer infused with natural dill pickle flavor. The result is a dillicious, light beverage that pairs well with Texas summer. Crafted in a process similar to Deep Ellum’s other brands, Blind Pickle uses cane sugar instead of the malted barley that appears in a typical beer, making it gluten free, 100 calories, and high in pickle flavor.

Ever wonder why a pickle is always included with a sandwich? The tradition started in Jewish delis, where the pickle was introduced as a palate cleanser. Pickles enhance the flavors of whatever they accompany, so pair Blind Pickle with grilled cheese or cookout favorites like hamburgers or brats. Also pairs nicely with your favorite liquor, making the “pickle-back” obsolete.

Blind Pickle is available for a limited time, so don’t let the pickle pass you by.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

In 2011, Deep Ellum Brewing Company set up shop in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas – the first craft brewery to open in Dallas in over a decade. Since then, Deep Ellum has become as well known for its innovative brewing and exceptional quality as it has for its healthy disdain for the status quo. Like the notorious neighborhood it calls home, the brewery is bold, fearless, and unapologetic. The idea of “blending in” was never part of the plan – at the bar or on the shelf. With a commitment to staying true to their reckless streak, their rough edges and their roots, Deep Ellum has quickly grown to become the 3rd largest independent craft brewery in Texas. Led by its flagships, Deep Ellum IPA and Dallas Blonde, the brewery has amassed an extremely devoted fan base across Texas and beyond.

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