Creature Comforts Releases Automatic Pale Ale


Athens, GA — Inspired by the love for Tropicália, and endeavoring to make another hop-forward yet balanced beer, Creature Comforts is about to release its very first American Pale Ale!

Automatic is a sessionable pale ale featuring prominent hop flavor and aroma. The Motueka, Mosaic, and Citra hops are used in delicate balance to give the beer notes of pineapple, peach, melon, and lemon-lime. ABV is 5%.

According to Adam Beauchamp, CCBC Co-Founder, “We’ve dialed back the malt and used some new school brewing tricks to make sure the beer doesn’t come off as watery or insipid, all in an effort to let those beautiful hops shine through.”

“This beer is light enough to stay refreshing, but has enough flavor to keep even the most jaded hop-head happy.  Each time you see this beer, the decision will be Automatic!” Beauchamp said.

Automatic is expected to be available to the public by mid-October and will be available in both the Athens and Atlanta areas.

The name Automatic is a nod to Creature Comforts’ hometown of Athens, Georgia. It’s a reference to the motto of a local Athens restaurant by the name of Weaver D’s that inspired one of REM’s most prolific albums, Automatic for the People.

About Creature Comforts Brewing Company

Creature Comforts is an Athens, Georgia, based craft brewery that offers finely balanced artisanal beers. Since opening its doors in April 2014, Creature Comforts has made an imprint in the craft beer community with its award-winning, year-round and special release beers.