Craft Cider Producer Ramborn Cider Co. Announces Certified B Corp Status

LUXEMBOURG — Premium Luxembourgish craft cider producer and orchard revivalist, Ramborn Cider Co., has become the first cidery in Europe, the third cidery in the world, and the first consumer brand in Luxembourg, to achieve Certified B Corporation® status.

Certified B Corporations® (B CorpsTM) meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Ramborn was established with a purpose to combat the climate crisis. By attaining certification as a B CorpTM, Ramborn joins a global movement of progressive activists using business as a force for good, alongside the likes of Ben & Jerry’s, Innocent Drinks and Bruichladdich.

Carlo Hein, Ramborn’s founder and chairman, started the company with friends in 2016 to help revive the region’s traditional meadow orchards where much of the fruit was going to waste and the region was suffering from a devastating loss of biodiversity, described by Hein as “the catastrophic cost of business as usual in our industry.” Over the last 100 years there has been a 90% decline (1.2 million to 120,000) in the number of trees in Luxembourg. By replanting orchards year in and year out, Ramborn have removed over 31,000kg of CO2, from the atmosphere, equivalent to about 17.5g per bottle of cider – making the entire business carbon negative.

Hein commented on the announcement: “Being a Certified B Corporation allows us to fully evaluate the impact of our business, and gives all of our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, staff, and neighbours – the confidence that we are accountable to the highest, most rigorous ethical business standards possible. We are always finding ways to further improve our impact; and this certification is just the beginning,” said Co-founder and chairman Carlo Hein

Hubertine Roessingh, Director of B Lab® Benelux said: “We’re delighted to welcome Ramborn into the B Corp family. Now more than ever it’s crucial that consumers know what impact their purchases have on society and the environment. Ramborn has become the first cider maker in Europe to take this step – a huge achievement that means a great deal to the whole B CorpTM movement.”

Since Ramborn was established, the business has helped protect and revive nearly 1 million m2 (954,679m2 to be precise) of richly biodiverse habitat, home to over 5,000 species. With the UN1 and WHO2 both identifying biodiversity as a key component of the global recovery from COVID-19, as well as the prevention of future pandemics, there’s never been a more important time to build a more sustainable economy.

1 UN Environment Programme. (2020, June 5). Time for Nature as World Environment Day shines a spotlight on biodiversity.

2 World Health Organization: WHO. (2020, June 5). Nature is our Greatest Source of Health and Well-Being.

Ramborn’s award-winning range of sustainable cider and perry can be found at selected on and off-trade retailers across Iceland, Finland, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the US.

About Ramborn Cider Co.

Ramborn Cider Co. is Luxembourg’s first cider producer and credited with reviving a tradition that dates back to the Romans. The purpose of Ramborn is to combat the climate crisis while supporting local economies and communities by protecting the natural environment in and around Luxembourg and reviving the culture of cider making. The idea for the business came as three friends toured the UK, tasting local English ciders and sharing family stories of cider-making – known locally as “Viez”. From this, the three friends launched Ramborn, a contraction of the Rambo apple name and the city of Born where the cidery sits. Ramborn only uses fruits sourced from traditional meadow orchards to make its range of ciders and perries which are now exported to 12 markets worldwide, spreading the word of Luxembourg’s cider-making heritage.

About B Corporations

Certified B Corporations® are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As of 2020, there are more than 3,300 B Corps in 150 industries and 71 countries around the world.