CODO Design Releases 2021 Craft Beer Branding Trends Review

Indianapolis, IN – CODO Design, a leading craft beer branding firm, has released its 6th annual Craft Beer Branding Trends review.

The 2021 Craft Beer Branding Trends review explores package design trends, emergent beverage opportunities and lasting COVID-19 effects.

Clocking in at just under 20,000 words, CODO has broken the piece into three core areas: trends driven by COVID-19, major industry trends, and visual (branding and package design) trends. To round this out, CODO tapped eighteen industry experts to provide context from a variety of angles on what’s shaping craft beer today (and tomorrow).

Some of the major industry trends covered include brewery rebrands and packaging refreshes, a focus on brand architecture (including a look at why “Endorsed Brands” are such a popular approach for launching brand extensions), “clean labels,” non-alcoholic beverages and hard seltzer.

Some of the package design trends identified include “Chobani-fication,” “Slaps,” “Bifurcation,” “Vintage Mascots,” “Tombstone Typography,” and opportunities for more compelling art direction as breweries move further into eCommerce and direct-to-consumer channels.

For the expert opinion portion, CODO spoke with folks spanning brewery founders, CEOs, distributors, marketing directors, leading industry consultants, authors, strategists and economists.

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