Coco & Co Launches Coconut Water RTD Range

NEW YORK – Custom coconut company CoCo & Co has unveiled SUNBOY, the very first range of ready-to-drink beverages made from spiked coconut water and real fruit juice.

The all-natural line of spiked sparkling coconut water combines the hydrating super fruit with the delightful flavors of passion fruit, pineapple and tangerine juice, for a light and refreshing drink that cuts out all unnecessary sugar and calories and is gluten-free.

CoCo & Co founders Luke McKenna and Yair Tygiel came up with the idea for SUNBOY after the company’s unique custom branded coconuts—and hangover-beating fresh coconut cocktails—became a staple of music festivals and parties nationwide.

“Coconut water is the perfect cocktail mixer,” Tygiel said. “It’s hydrating and low in sugar and calories so you feel great afterwards. We say, drink coconut water today so you don’t need it tomorrow morning.”

SUNBOY is a natural extension of the CoCo & Co brand, which aims to spread unbridled joy with coconuts.

“There’s an emotional connection people have with coconuts that is totally unique,” McKenna said. “They evoke the whimsy and relaxation of warm vacations and promise hydration and overall healthfulness. SUNBOY captures the magic, flavor and nutritional profile of a fresh coconut cocktail in the convenience of a can.”

SUNBOY launches June 1st in Passion Fruit, Pineapple and Tangerine flavors, as well as a variety mix-pack.

SUNBOY facts:

– Made with hydrating coconut water and real fruit juice

– 5% ABV

– No added sugar

– Gluten-free

– 100% natural ingredients

– No artificial flavors or additives

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