Climax Packaging to Unveil CanDo Packer

Hamilton, Oh- Today, Climax Packaging Machinery, a leading packaging machine manufacturer, announced that they will unveil the new CanDo packer at the PMMI Pack Expo show in November. Recent success in building innovative Rainbow Systems has led Climax Packaging to develop can cartoning machines to serve the beverage industry.

For the last ten years of an almost one hundred year history Climax Packaging Machinery has been building “Rainbow Systems” for customers. Their unique approach to each and every project gives Climax Packaging Machinery a clear advantage over the competition.

Climax Packaging has a NEW “Rainbow System” available. For years Climax has focused on developing systems for glass and plastic bottles, and they have gotten pretty good at it. Their next step is to enter into the growing craft beer CAN market. With one system already in use producing over 250,000 cartons per month it is safe to say that they have done it again.

Yes, Climax is entering a new market. But, Bill George (President of Climax Packaging Machinery) says, “We are not going to forget our current customers that have the need to variety pack glass and plastic bottles. ( We will always be available to help provide proven and affordable solutions.”

The next evolution for Climax begins! Sales and Marketing Manger Nick Jody says, “I feel that beverage cans are a new and exciting challenge for our customers and Climax Packaging. We are looking forward to helping our customers find solutions for their uncasing and case packing needs.” ( It looks like Climax Packaging has been busy developing the solutions and is not going to stop anytime soon.

Watch the video of a Climax Packaging Machinery Rainbow System at AWDC in Hebron Kentucky:

About Climax Packaging Machinery

For Climax Packaging Machinery, it’s about creating solutions and high quality machines to case packing and uncasing businesses that separate Climax Packaging from other equipment manufacturers.

With sales throughout the US, Canada and Central America, Climax Packaging provides economical and innovative machinery to the beverage, household chemical, food, automotive after-market, and blow molding industries.

Built in Cincinnati, OH for over 60 years, Climax Packaging Machines are built with attention to detail to deliver a system that works!

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