Cider Riot Introduces ‘Black Bloc Series’


Portland, Ore. — Our Black Bloc Series™ ciders are our most hardcore and intense, and apt to disappear into the crowd before you know it.

These super limited edition ciders use rare apples varieties, traditional techniques and extended aging. Limited to a few cases per release, Black Bloc ciders are available only while supplies last. The Black Bloc Series embodies our love and reverence for the cider apple. Though they are all dressed the same in black ink and cherrywood labels, each of these ciders respresent a broad spectrum of flavors and diversity of cidermaking techniques. If you visit our website you can read each member of the black bloc’s manifesto.

The first release in the Black Bloc series is ourBogman’s Cranberry Brettanomyces cider. Bogman’sis a blend of over twenty different cider and dessert apple varieties aged for a year on natural brettanomyces from the orchard where the apples were grown. Oregon cranberries were added to add a touch of acidity to balance the flavors of the brett. The cider was then allowed to bottle condition for nine months, to achieve a smooth round carbonation. It’s been a long road from the initial pressing in 2013 to your glass in 2015, so savor the complexity of this Black Bloc cider before it vanishes.

Cider Riot!® Revolution is our Tradition™

Since 2013 Cider Riot!® has been crafting dry refreshing ciders in Portland’s North Tabor Neighborhood using traditional methods and ingredients. Cider Riot! ciders are sold throughout Cascadia and in Norway and Japan.

For more information about Bogman’s, the Black Bloc Series, or Cider Riot! please contact Abram Goldman-Armstrong at 503.730.5597