Capital Brewery Releases Freakfest Beer

MIDDLETON, Wisc. — Not sure what to wear for this year’s Halloween Festivities? Get inspired by having a Capital Brewery Freakfest Beer.

In honor of the 12th annual Halloween festival held on State Street in downtown Madtown, WI, Capital is toasting the one-of- a-kind celebration that brings out some of the best costumes and music in the Midwest. Freakfest Beer sports a novel tap handle designed with a modified (and functional!) ‘Air Guitar’.

“When our President asked me if I had any broken guitars, I wasn’t sure what to say,” said Mat Arbuckle, Capital’s newest Brewer and musicologist. “We poked around on Craigslist and he found an air guitar that looked like it would make a great tap handle – with the Capital dome on top – of course,” he added.

The beer will initially be available, on draft only, through the end of October at the Capital Brewery Bier Garten and Bier Stube in Middleton, WI.

Founded on March 14, 1984, Capital brewed its first batch of beer in the spring of 1986. The company has received over 240 major awards in both domestic and international competitions in over 15 categories, and Wisconsin Amber has been available in cans since 1997. The Brewery was named ‘America’s #1 Rated Brewery’ by the Beverage Testing Institute at the World Beer Championships in 1998, and Grand National Champion at the 2013 US Open Beer Championship.