Cape May Brewing Company to Release Cape May Coffee Stout

CAPE MAY, N.J. — Cape May Brewing Company is pleased to announce the latest in their lineup of winter seasonals: Cape May Coffee Stout, a dark, roasty, and slightly malty stout conditioned on a medium-bodied Latin American and Indonesian coffee blend. Available throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Cape May Coffee Stout will be distributed beginning October 26th.

“We’ve been brewing outstanding coffee stouts for years,” says Cape May Brewing Company CEO Ryan Krill, “and our fans have always gone crazy for them. Using locally-roasted coffee, Cape May Coffee Stout is the latest — and best — of these brews, with a lineage tracing back to our very first days as a brewery.”

Conditioned on a locally-roasted custom blend of medium-bodied Latin American and Indonesian coffee, Cape May Coffee Stout is sure to be another fan favorite as the weather begins turning colder.

“Smooth, roasty, and with a delicious coffee and chocolatey aroma, Cape May Coffee Stout is a delectable fall entry into our seasonal lineup that’ll really stand out against the sea of spiced seasonals (our beloved Mop Water included),” says Cape May Brewing Company Production Planning and Special Projects Manager Brian Hink. “We’ve done plenty of coffee beers over the years, but this is definitely our crowning achievement. As the fall months turn into the winter, Cape May Coffee Stout will still be drinking very seasonally appropriate, so I’m looking forward to sipping on this one for the next couple of months — if it lasts that long.”

Cape May Coffee Stout replaces one of Cape May’s longtime packaged offerings, King Porter Stomp, a chocolate porter originally brewed in conjunction with the Exit Zero Jazz Festival.

“New Jersey beer drinkers are looking for a local-brewed coffee stout, so it only made sense for us to bring Cape May Coffee Stout to our fans,” says Cape May Brewing Company Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli. “Our coffee stouts have always been well-received as a draft offering, so, as we began searching for a suitable replacement for King Porter Stomp, Cape May Coffee Stout made sense.”

While Cape May Coffee Stout and its predecessor beers have long been available in Cape May Brewing Company’s draft variety, this is the first time the beer has been packaged in 12-ounce cans.

“This can design is warm and inviting,” says Cape May Brewing Company Director of Marketing Alicia Grasso. “The dark greens and light browns are evocative of a rich and aromatic mug of coffee, and the design is unmistakably Cape May. As the weather turns colder, I could see our fans snuggling up under a blanket by a warm fire with this can, and I expect that they will.”

Cape May Coffee Stout will be available in their Tasting Room at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport beginning October 23rd and throughout New Jersey beginning October 26. It will be distributed throughout the nine easternmost counties of Pennsylvania and as part of Cape May Brewing Company’s expansion into Delaware beginning November 2nd.

For more information on Cape May Brewing Company, including their complete lineup of core brands, seasonals, limited-edition, and specialty brews, call (609) 849-9933 or see their website at

About Cape May Brewing Company

CMBC started in 2011, with three guys making one beer in a 1,500 square-foot space. Now, they’ve got over 32,000 square feet of space at the Cape May Airport and several hundred flagship, seasonal, and small-batch brews under their umbrella, distributed throughout all of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Their original space is now dedicated to experimental brewing and their award-winning Tasting Room, with a separate, industrial brewing facility across the street. For more information, see Cape May Brewing Company’s website at or call (609) 849-9933.