Buskey Cider Unveils Craft Cider Soft Serve

RICHMOND, Va. — The crew at Buskey is offering a fun, unique way to enjoy their diverse range of their craft hard ciders during the hot months of summer: soft serve hard cider on a cone! Buskey is the first Virginia craft alcohol beverage producer in Virginia with an offering like this.

“We are pumped to announce yet another fun innovative way to experience craft cider,” said Elle Correll, co-founder at Buskey Cider. “When we learned about a new process for turning full strength craft beverages into soft serve, we had to jump on it. No added flavors, no dairy, no gluten, and vegan friendly, it’s just craft hard cider soft serve – and it’s delicious!”

Buskey will rotate its wide range of offerings through the soft serve machine. Starting with Buskey’s always popular Watermelon Rosemary seasonal, Buskey will be running classic ciders through the machine as well as mixing up brand new concepts based on feedback from the team and customers.

Buskey is the first Virginia craft alcohol producer to offer boozy soft serve and only the second cidery nationwide to make that claim. Buskey is located in Scott’s Addition, one of the hottest and most innovative craft beverage neighborhoods in the country, where innovations like alcoholic soft serve often emerge early on.

The initiative with soft serve alcohol is the latest in Buskey’s ongoing effort to make cider accessible for all, pushing the boundaries of flavors while still staying true to the apple at the core.

You can follow Buskey Cider for updates on social media: @buskeycider on Instagram, https://www.facebook.com/BuskeyCider on Facebook and @buskeycider on Twitter.


About Buskey Cider

Buskey Cider opened in April 2016 in the popular craft beverage neighborhood of Scott’s Addition in Richmond, Virginia, and has since expanded into their second outpost ‘Buskey Cider on the Bay’ located in scenic Cape Charles. Made from 100% Fresh Pressed Virginia apples. Buskey focuses on semi-sweet and dryer ciders with a wide range of creative infusions and barrel products. Buskey is one of most innovative cideries in the country but is also loved for its classic refreshing apple only ciders. Enjoy celebrating the city of Richmond and the state of Virginia that has been a large part of what Buskey stands for. #GetBuskey and learn more at www.buskeycider.com.