Brew Pipeline Launches New Sales Harvester App for Craft Brewers

Brew Pipeline, a turnkey national distribution platform, announced today the launch of its newest sales platform — a curated marketplace for retailers to find and order craft brands. Designed as two distinct interfaces, a web-based app for craft brewers and a mobile app for retailers, the common goal is harvesting more sales.

Aimed at helping independent craft brewers connect directly with retailers across the country, the app will eliminate limitations of traditional sales reps through a virtual process. More relevant than ever, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the online sales platform is user-friendly and maximizes exposure for brewers and distillers as well with the next update. The retailer app will be available for download on iOS and Android devices on November 15.

The brewer app is accepting early-bird sign ups starting today in Wisconsin, Colorado and Maryland:

“We created this app to fill a long-overdue need within the craft beer community,” says Steve Kwapil, CEO and co-founder of Brew Pipeline. “Initially designed as a sales addition for our brands, we shortly realized this as a universal tool for the whole industry. As business continues to move online, making sales virtual is easier for retailers, distributors and producers – it’s a true win-win.”

For craft brewers, a web app has been launched to assist the limited time on current distributor sales reps. The app is particularly powerful for craft brewers that self-distribute, connecting them directly with local retailers. For brewers selling via distributors, they can now reach across the state and even the country. We deliver those orders to each distributor in real time, and provide the visibility to the brewer on those orders. With real-time communication, brewers and distillers are able to see and track orders, communicating directly with each retailer if they wish. They can also upload information on new and active brands including descriptions, images, accolades and more.

A unique subscription pricing model charges a given brewer ONLY when they get sales results. And when orders start pouring in, then that one-time monthly subscription is less than the Gross Profit of a single average incremental sales order.

Retailers will access the app on their mobile devices, where orders can be placed with the click of a button. Replacing the traditional methods for evaluating brands and ordering, retailers will be able to filter the marketplace by location, collaborate with their teams, track the status of orders and promote incoming brands. Filters will be available to view details of packaging, drink styles and award-winning brands. Notifications will alert retailers when new, seasonal and limited-release brands become available, keeping them informed of the latest offerings.

Designed as an efficient way for retailers to communicate, all orders placed via the app will be directly sent to distributors, or if self-distributing, to brewers in real time. An order history page will allow for ease of re-ordering and receipts will provide tracking for delivery. The app is free of charge for all retailers.

October will launch the on boarding of Brewers in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Maryland as initial test states. Additional states will then open before the end of the year. Brewers should send interest to join the test trial to

About Brew Pipeline

Led by industry veterans, Brew Pipeline is a turnkey national distribution platform for craft brewers. Forward-thinking initiatives including Portfolio, Collab, and Guest Brewer provide a number of opportunities to connect brewers to new markets, retailers and consumers. As a one-stop solution for all logistics beyond the brewers’ dock, Brew Pipeline handles everything from marketing and promotions to order harvesting, registrations and chain communications. Additionally, they provide resources that build brewers brands, expand distributor portfolios, adding true incremental dollars to both breweries and distributors alike. For more information, visit and follow on social media @brewpipline.

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