Boneyard Beer Celebrates 1,000 Batches With Mystery Science Brew 1000


Bend, OR — Batch 1000. That’s 1,000 brews under Boneyard’s belt over the past two plus years at the production facility in Northeast Bend.

Mystery Science Brew 1000 was a special beer brewed to celebrate the 1,000th batch of beer at their production facility off Plateau Drive. To celebrate this milestone, Boneyard’s four brewers: Bill, Dana, Ian and Randin put their heads together to create a magical IPA. Randin says, “The brew staff collaborated on this pale-colored IPA to let the hops take center stage. We chose five Yakima valley hop varieties to create a citrus and pine pop that is enhanced by a refreshing fruity character.”

Though the new production facility was once titled an “RPM factory”, Boneyard chose to brew a beer that was different than their flagship for this special beer; “The brewers wanted to make a traditional IPA,” says Dana, “We used, in our opinion, the classic trifecta of hops: Centennial, Amarillo and Simcoe to make a pretty straight-forward IPA that is different than RPM.”

This hop-forward IPA will tantalize your tastebuds from beginning to end. Get this beer now, because it will soon go down in history as Boneyard’s first millennium beer from Plateau. Boneyard’s Batch 1,000 will be available the second week in October.

About Boneyard Beer
In 2010, Boneyard Beer was started in an old auto shop tucked away in the backstreets of Bend, Oregon’s historical district. Without any outside investors or major bank loans, Boneyard’s inception was unconventional to say the least. After decades in the brewing industry, owner Tony Lawrence built up a “boneyard” of old equipment he collected from 13 different breweries around the country. Alongside co-founders, Clay and Melodee Storey, this second-hand brewing equipment was pieced together to brew the first batch of Boneyard Beer in May 2010. Boneyard currently distributes draft beer in Oregon and Washington.