Blackberry Farm Brewery Launches Abbey Series


Walland, T.N. — The Blackberry Farm Brewery will release Abbey Blonde, its first beer as part of its Abbey series this month as well as Abbey Brune in May.

The Blackberry Farm Brewery’s Abbey family of ales draws its inspiration directly from the classic monastic brewing traditions of the Old World. Trappist monasteries, found predominantly in Belgium and France, share a rich heritage of brewing as part of their daily practice – beers brewed with refined, unhurried processes and quality, thoughtfully sourced ingredients that were used for the daily sustenance of the monks and for the support of the monastery operations and local charities. Abbey Blonde, our first release from our Abbey family, has been crafted with Pilsner malt for a lightly sweet and earthy flavor and medium body.

“We are excited to share the first release in our Abbey family of beers,” said Chief Fermentation Officer Roy Milner. “Abbey Blonde is a sessionable ale with a bracing hop backbone and satisfying malt richness.”

In addition to the Abbey Blonde, the brewery will introduce in May its second beer in the Abbey series, Abbey Brune. This medium brown ale features the addition of Munich malt for a toasty, rich flavor that is accentuated by balanced mildly earth and spice notes from the Abbey yeast strain used.

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About Blackberry Farm

Located 25 miles from Knoxville, Blackberry Farm, a Relais & Chateaux property, is the perfect destination for business retreats and pleasure getaways. The 4,200-acre estate, which also owns a nearby 5,000 acres of protected wilderness, is celebrated as an unrivaled food and wine destination, providing the ultimate in farm-to-table cuisine and a wine collection of more than 160,000 bottles from around the world. Blackberry Farm’s Foothills Cuisine® pays homage to locally sourced and seasonally fresh products grown on the property’s four-acre garden. Activities abound at Blackberry Farm and include Day in the Life of Chef and Gardener programs, fly fishing, horseback riding, fox hunting, hiking, wellness activities, spa, sporting clays, yoga, cycling, and more. For more information on Blackberry Farm or to make a reservation, please visit:

About Blackberry Farm Brewery

In keeping with the sense of place here on the farm, our brewery and processes are rooted in centuries-old traditions. We are respectful of the time-honored methods of making beer while constantly pushing the boundaries to employ modern techniques to enhance the complexity of our releases. All of our beers utilize a natural re-fermentation in the bottle, which produces a soft and pleasant carbonation. Every bottle that leaves our brewery has been conditioned in our temperature-controlled cellar to ensure that you get the highest quality with each pour.