Bitburger Brewery Releases Festbier

GERMANY — Bitburger Brewery is excited to announce the release of Bitburger Festbier, which will be available in the United States in 6pk bottles the first week of August. Festbier stays true to a traditional Märzen flavor profile while innovating for today’s discerning beer consumers.

Bitburger Brewery, known worldwide for its uncompromising commitment to using the highest quality ingredients to create accessible beers, has been inspired by the American way of celebrating German style beer festivals in October, known as “Oktoberfest.” Bitburger’s leading brewmaster, Stefan Meyna, Ph.D., developed a specialty beer for this season and created a very tasty Festbier for the United States, home to some of the most sophisticated beer drinkers in the world.

“During my career as a brewmaster at Bitburger, I have spent a lot of time in the U.S. There, I got to know the American beer market, which still fascinates me today. During this time, the desire to produce a beer especially for this market matured. Now, after our successful Triple Hop’d Lager collaboration with our friends from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the time has come,” said Meyna. When our specially crafted Bitburger Festbier hits the market in August, it will convey a traditional German style while also appealing to the desires of our American fans.”

Bitburger Festbier, a full-bodied yet a delicately malty and clear amber beer, will conjure up Oktoberfest memories for those who have experienced the festivities and will allow first timers to experience the season in the comfort of their home. A very special malt composition, including Pilsner Malt, Mu¨nchner Malt and light Caramel Malt, accounts for its fine color and smooth body. Additionally, the beer is refined with Bitburger’s proprietary and unique hop blend called ‘Siegelhopfen’ (seal hops), which is sourced from a farm just a few minutes from the brewery. This drinkable 6.2% ABV full-bodied beer is the perfect marriage of hops and malt with a slightly sweet backbone, while finishing dry. It’s perfect to pair with traditional Oktoberfest fare such as sausages, pretzels, and cheese. As an unfiltered Festbier, beer connoisseurs will enjoy that unique Bitburger flavor and understand why the “perfect pilsner,” Bitburger Premium Pils, is Germany’s number 1 draft beer.

“Once again, Bitburger’s brewmasters have exceeded our expectations. St Killian is excited to launch this seasonal offering to our Bitburger customers and introduce new consumers to the breadth of the Bitburger portfolio of beers,” said Phil Clarke, president of St. Killian Importing Company.

Meyna is an expert in brewing specialty beer and has been responsible for a variety of successful product launches in the German market, such as the Bitburger 1817 (the Brewery’s 200th anniversary beer), the Bitburger Kellerbier and the Bitburger Winterbock. While developing Bitburger Festbier, he was accompanied by Bitburger brewmaster Stefan Hanke, Ph.D. In addition to specializing in brewing innovative craft beers and working for a number of German breweries, Hanke served as a judge in the United States’ World Beer Cup, the world’s most prestigious beer competition.

Though one of the oldest continuous family-owned breweries in Germany, Bitburger never stops innovating. Their brewing philosophy, commitment to using quality ingredients and keeping loyal customers at the forefront are what allows this brewery to transform their traditional recipes to surprise and satisfy the modern beer drinker’s palate. The art of brewing has been passed from generation to generation and Bitburger never wavers in its commitment to using first-class hops, the purest brewing water, choice malts and the best yeast while executing their craft. Bitburger Festbier encapsulates the best of Bitburger and will be enjoyed with family and friends. From the Bitburger Brewery family to yours, Prost!

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About Bitburger Brewery  

Bitburger is one of the most important privately-owned breweries in Germany. The company’s success over the past 200 years has been the result of its uncompromising commitment to highest quality, courage for technical innovations and dedicated employees. Furthermore, as a family-owned company in the seventh generation, Bitburger has always been very active in its home region. It goes without saying that a careful use of natural resources as well as the protection of the environment and climate have always been a matter of course.

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