Big Oyster, Mispillion River and Revelation Brewing Collaborate on Little Umbrella

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. — Southern Delaware Brewers, Big Oyster, Mispillion River Brewing, and Revelation Brewing, have collaborated on a limited beer that will be released at their respective breweries on Saturday.

Little Umbrella, a sour, lactose IPA brewed with mango and pineapple, was the culmination of a many minutes long conversation by the breweries. Each brewery has brought its unique flair to the beer, highlighting a small piece of what has made them so successful. The beer will release at each location on Saturday at noon. 16oz cans will be available for purchase.

The brewers released a joint statement, “We believe the Delaware is making some of the best beer on the East Coast and are excited to bring together our breweries for this collaboration. It is our hope that our consumers are introduced to the other local breweries, through this beer, for the first time.”

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