Barley Forge Announces Opening Beer Lineup

COSTA MESA, CA — Barley Forge Brewing Co. has announced their opening lineup of beers to be available at their soon-to-open tasting room, a mix of five unique ales and one lager.

DON PERFECTOÔÇ¿ Belgian-Style Witbier with Horchata-Style SpicesÔÇ¿5.1% ABVÔÇ¿Like the ideal husband, Don Perfecto (“Mr. Right”) will always be faithful, bring you flowers “just because,” put the toilet seat down without being asked, and bring home the bacon on bended knee. What more could you ask for? This tall, handsome beer is a Belgian-style witbier brewed with a twist that’ll treat you right — malted wheat, two-row malted barley, Mexican cinnamon, vanilla, and a bit of lactose, evoking the refreshing flavor of horchata. Whether out on the town, or enjoying a quiet evening at home, Don Perfecto and you are a perfect match.

EL RUDOÔÇ¿ Amber Ale with Agave ExtractÔÇ¿5.7% ABVÔÇ¿The famed heroic luchadores of Mexico face off in the wrestling arena with villains, classified as “Los Rudos” or “Tough Guys.” These bruisers skirt the edges of fair play, challenging the heroes to prevail with honor even when the odds are against them. Brewed in homage to these rebels of the ring, El Rudo is bold and assertive — a smoky amber ale brewed with agave extract and West Coast hops that is sure to rescue you from the clutches of those bland, flavorless, play-by-the-rules lagers on a hot summer day.

THE BLACK DAHLIAÔÇ¿ Belgian-Style Dark AleÔÇ¿11% ABVÔÇ¿Like a great film noir classic set in post-war Los Angeles, this deep, dark beer takes some time to unravel and fully appreciate, its secrets revealing themselves as the flavor plays out on your palate. By the time you’ve finished a glass of this Belgian-style dark ale (preferably in a goblet you have allowed to warm up to you, like a Hollywood ingénue), you will discover the truths its candi sugar, complex malt bill, and exotic European hops and yeast uncover. The Black Dahlia is an enigma you’ll want to ponder again and again.

THE ORANGE CURTAIN ÔÇ¿India Pale AleÔÇ¿6.2% ABVÔÇ¿Our neighbor Angelenos joke about going behind “The Orange Curtain” when they cross the county line — like some Cold War-era spy sneaking into the Soviet Union. We get it. It’s different here in Orange County. But we invite you to cross that line and try what we have to offer, like this India Pale Ale. Dry and crisp, with some Maris Otter malt for a bit of sweetness and a mix of West Coast hops. We trust you will enjoy this great tasting beer and find that it’s not so scary down here behind The Orange Curtain after all.

ONE LOUDER Double India Pale AleÔÇ¿8.3% ABVÔÇ¿Shining a spotlight on hop flavor instead of hop bitterness, One Louder is the perfect brew for any rockstar hophead bold enough to enjoy life at full volume. One Louder is a Double India Pale Ale brewed with a head-banging blend of of Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, Warrior, and Amarillo hops. But don’t fear — all that explosive hop insanity is steadied and balanced by a malty backbeat of Maris Otter and US 2-Row malt. Rock out with one of America’s loudest beers!

GRANDPA TRACTOR ÔÇ¿Dortmunder-Style Export LagerÔÇ¿5% ABVÔÇ¿A true Dortmunder-style export lager, brewed with noble hops and European pilsen malt. Enjoy this beer on a hot day or with spicy food … a refreshing German- inspired alternative to West Coast hop-forward beers.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿The beer labels feature illustrations inspired by the familiar Mexican card game Loter├¡a. The five ales will be available immediately on the brewery’s opening; the lager will be available a few weeks after opening.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿An opening date is pending final inspections, and is expected to be announced shortly.


Barley Forge Brewing Co. creates beers inspired by the rich cultural melting pot of southern California. The brewery and tasting room are located at 2957 Randolph Street, in Costa Mesa’s SOBECA district near Bristol Street and Baker Street. For more information, call the brewery at (714) 641-2084 or visit

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