Aspen Brewing Company Collaborates with Molly’s Spirits on Molly’s Sip of Colorado

DENVER – Molly’s Spirits and Aspen Brewing Company will be releasing Molly’s Sip of Colorado, a collaboration beer that will be available in June. This is the third collaboration beer from Molly’s Spirits this year, following I Can’t Believe It’s Butter, created for the 2018 Collaboration Fest, and Better Together – both with New Image Brewing.

“We were excited to re-enter the Denver market with a collaboration with an iconic Colorado brand that is well known and respected in its community,” said Aspen Brewing CEO Peter Bassett.  “Molly’s and Aspen Brewing Company have prioritized the outdoors and Colorado lifestyle as key components of their brands. Molly’s Sip of Colorado, which draws inspiration from traditional Colorado flavors  while providing an extremely affordably priced Colorado craft beer perfect for weekend warriors, demonstrates that love and admiration.”

The beer is a spin on the California Common beer, also called a steam beer, using similar brewing techniques with a high-altitude spin.  Molly’s Sip of Colorado celebrates the beauty of Colorado from grain to glass. At 4.56 percent ABV, this crisp and refreshing beer has a subtle and sweet malt backbone that is complemented by notes of floral, pine and mountain fruit from the combination of Palisade and Chinook hops.

The team at Molly’s arrived at $5.99 price point for six-packs to provide the marketplace with a value-driven option for craft beer.

“We want Molly’s Sip of Colorado to be a go-to choice for Denver imbibers to enjoy while hanging out on all the best rooftop patios, lakes and 14ers this summer,” said Jaylee Adams, marketing manager at Molly’s Spirits. “It’s sessionable and affordable enough that it’s a superb choice for any Colorado occasion.”

Molly’s Sip of Colorado will be available in six-pack cans at Molly’s Spirits beginning on June 11. Stay tuned for more details about a Denver release party following the store launch.

About Molly’s Spirits

If you’ve been searching for your new go-to liquor store, look no further than Molly’s Spirits – often touted as Colorado’s most beautiful liquor store. Lofty recognition, right? We would challenge you to check it out and see if you agree! Molly’s is located right off I-70 and Sheridan and sits around 30,000 sq ft. You would think it’s just another big box warehouse liquor store, but walk inside and it feels just as intimate as your corner bottle shop. With an in-house cicerone and sommelier you won’t find comparable customer service anywhere, this staff knows their stuff. Molly’s has over 12,000 wines, beers & spirits to wet your whistle, with a huge focus on Colorado craft.

Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen Brewing Company was founded in 2008 with one simple goal: Make World-Class Beer, Downstream from Nobody. With a passion for craft beer and the mountain lifestyle, our small and dedicated team strives to make delicious craft beer fit for any and every occasion. Ten years later, Aspen Brewing Company continues to grow to new heights, produce a wide range of award winning craft beer and represent the outdoor lifestyle embodied in Aspen, Colorado.