Archetype and Arches Collaborate to Release Two Sides Same Coin

Arches and Archetype Team Up For A Collaboration

An Asheville Brewery, Archetype, teamed up with an Atlanta area brewery, Arches, to create a collaboration.

ASHEVILLE – Archetype Brewing in Asheville, NC, is excited to announce it has teamed up with Arches Brewing which is located outside of Atlanta. The first release is being brewed at Arches and is a hoppy rye lager named Two Sides | Same Coin. This brew has notes of sweet rye bread, orange zest, mandarin orange, and a hint of strawberry.

The collaboration will release on draft and cans at Arches on Easter Weekend and will also be available at Archetype in Asheville on draft. During the summer, the Archetype team will take over using the same base ingredients but adding their own spin to create an IPA. That round will be available on draft and cans in Asheville and on draft at Arches. Arches plans to host an “easter egg” hunt for two sided tokens with both breweries logos on them around Atlanta. The lucky finders of the tokens can receive some free brewery swag from Archetype and Arches and a chance to try the beer on the release day.

“Collaborations like this one are special. We get to meet new people, hear different perspectives, and try some experimental brews we may have not thought of or had time before to try. I love the experience, both breweries get exposure, and our customers love the beer. It’s a win win win for all of us.” -Head Brewer, Erin Jordan, Asheville’s only female head brewer.

About Archetype Brewing

Archetype Brewing was founded in 2017, serving up American and Belgian-style beers with a focus on creating complex, mindful, living beer. Offering a wide range of brews, there’s a beer for everyone, from straight forward lagers to intricate barrel-aged saisons. The taproom and brewery are nestled on the corner of Beacham’s Curve in East West Asheville, and provides an open space for the Asheville community to gather and enjoy good company and great beer. The Archetype downtown tap lounge + venue offers a more intimate, elevated space for customers to enjoy Archetype beer, along with a selection of wines, and an event space available for hire for small or large groups. Archetype offers a variety of regular events, including trivia, live music, and beer specials.

Archetype beer can be found at restaurants and taprooms throughout the Asheville area, and packaged beers can be found in select craft beer retailers throughout the state. Our focus is to produce clean, true-to-style American and Belgian-inspired ales. We believe creativity is one of the constant driving forces of the craft beer industry, but we also believe quality should come first. Because of this, we strive to make high-quality, creatively complex beers to stand alongside our flagships. We also believe that there is a beer for just about everyone; whether you’re an everyman, a lover, a ruler, or an outlaw, our goal is to substantiate that belief.

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