Angry Orchard Green Apple Released in 16 Oz. Cans


The cider makers at Angry Orchard Cider Company have been experimenting with apple varieties and unique flavors to develop hard cider recipes for 20 years. As the number one selling hard cider in the US[i], Angry Orchard makes a variety of year-round styles, including Angry Orchard Green Apple. This variety is inspired by the tartness and brightness of a fresh green apple, and is now available in 16oz cans for the first time.

Angry Orchard Green Apple hard cider has a bright, fresh apple flavor, with notes of sweet honeydew melon and kiwi that balance the lively apple tartness. When crafting the recipe for Green Apple, the cider makers at Angry Orchard looked to achieve the familiar characteristics of a green apple, which is typically more acidic with an uncommon tartness compared to traditional red apples. They found that the sweet, juicy profile of apples from Washington State lend to that perfectly balanced fresh green apple flavor. The refreshing taste of Angry Orchard Green Apple pairs well with a variety of foods like smoked meats, sharp cheeses, and sweet desserts.

Green Apple, along with Angry Orchard Hop’n Mad Apple and Angry Orchard seasonal ciders, is made with American culinary apples. Certain regions within the United States, such as the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast, share characteristics – like their rich soil and ample sunshine – with the apple growing regions of France and Italy where apples were harvested to make Angry Orchard’s other core cider styles.  The cider makers at Angry Orchard found that slightly less tannic juice from culinary apples from Washington State in harmony with the fermentation process created the perfect aroma, body and flavor for Green Apple. 

Angry Orchard Green Apple Details:

  • A gluten-free hard cider, Green Apple’s bright, green apple flavor is balanced with sweet notes of honeydew melon and kiwi and a dry, slightly tart finish.
  • At 5.0% ABV, Green Apple’s bright, fresh apple aroma and lively apple tartness pairs well with the sweet notes of roasted pork or smoked meats and cuts the heavy cream of sharp blue or cheddar cheeses. Green Apple’s soft, bright acidity complements slightly sweeter desserts, like bread pudding and apple pie.
  • Green Apple is available in 6-packs for $7.99-$9.99 and in variety 12-packs with three other Angry Orchard styles for $14.99 – $17.99. Drinkers can also find Green Apple available in 16oz cans for $1.79-$1.99 or 4-packs for $6.99-$7.99 (all prices are suggested retail and may vary by market).