Ale Asylum to Package First Lager


Madison, WI — Regional craft brewery Ale Asylum is ramping up to release their first packaged lager: Oktillion Oktoberfest. Known for their hop-centric ales, this is a leap into new territory for the brewery with a new style category as well.

“Although we are excited to break out of our comfort zone, don’t expect us to become ‘Lager Asylum’ anytime soon,” jokes Co-Founder Otto Dilba.

The brewery made the decision to add an Oktoberfest to their portfolio after receiving hundreds of requests from customers they fondly refer to as their Inmates.

The brewery is also re-releasing Satisfaction Jacksin, a popular Double IPA that has generated a frenzy with the hophead customers since it debuted in 2009. Starting on August 1 both beers will make a market entrance into WI and IL and have an estimated availability through the end of October.

Oktillion Oktoberfest

  • Name: Oktillion
  • Style: Oktoberfest Lager
  • ABV: 6%
  • Body: Medium
  • Color: Light Amber
  • Flavor Profile: An intricate blend of American and European malt for a light amber color and soft, bready malt flavor with a crisp finish and no residual sweetness.
  • Hops Used: German Hallertau
  • Malt Used: Munich, Vienna, Pilsner
  • Distribution: WI and IL
  • Release Date: August 1
  • Packaging: Draft, 12oz. bottle six-packs
  • Motto: Hold me, love me, 8 days a week.

Brewer’s Notes: The inviting aroma of this beer is malty, bready and dovetails into a smooth body with a delightfully silky finish. The malt profile plays just a half step in front of the hops, which is indicative of this style but often hard to calibrate. In my mind I had a clear perception of what an ideal Oktoberfest should be and this recipe nails it!

Satisfaction Jacksin

  • Name: Satisfaction Jacksin
  • Style: Double IPA
  • ABV: 8.8%
  • Body: Full
  • Color: Dark Ruby
  • Flavor Profile: With over 3 pounds of Centennial hops per barrel, this Double IPA has a slightly punishing yet entirely pleasing bitterness that dances on the tongue.
  • Hops Used: Centennial
  • Malt Used: 2-Row, Light Caramel
  • Distribution: WI and IL
  • Release Date: August 1
  • Packaging: Draft, 12oz. bottle six-packs
  • Motto: Slightly punishing, entirely pleasing.

Brewer’s Notes: Rich in color, this bombshell is packed with powerful aromas of pine, citrus, and sweet malt that christen your palate. The bitterness begins to penetrate, creep, and tingle as you work your way through the glass but is balanced with a backbone of sweet malt. When you sit down with a goblet of this enchanting libation, we are confident you will be nothing but completely satisfied.