2012 GABF Sells Out in Record Time

If you blinked, you probably missed it.

The 2012 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) sold out in record time this morning, smashing 2011’s record sell-through time of one week by selling through in just 45 minutes.

“The lightning-quick sell out of GABF tickets is a reflection of how much interest there is for the beers of America’s small and independent craft brewers,” said Paul Gatza, Director of the Brewers Association which hosts the event. “Beer drinkers are at various stages of learning about beer styles and flavors and the GABF is a great chance to learn about beer and America’s brewers.”

All tickets to the event are now sold out.

“The pace of GABF ticket sales has really taken off, accelerating year over year,” said Barbara Fusco, Sales & Marketing Director of the Brewers Association. “In 2007, the festival sold out the week of the event, while last year it sold out in only one week.”

49,000 attendees will converge on Denver for the three day event, taking place at the Denver Convention Center. But Fusco said that the 49,000 number does not reflect the actual number of tickets sold.

“Attendee numbers account for our ticket buyers, the brewers and volunteers pouring at the tables and media in attendance to cover the event,” she said. “We actually don’t publish our ticket sales quantities.”

Save for 10,000 tickets sold to members of the Brewers Association and American Homebrewers Association on Tuesday, a majority of the 49,000 tickets were sold this morning. Tickets to the event ranged in price from $55 for members and $65 for non-members. Sales likely generated nearly $3 million in revenue for the Brewers Association.