2-Row Distributing Partners with Spindletap Brewery


Texas City, Texas – 2-Row Distributing, a division of Del Papa Distributing Company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Spindeltap Brewery. 2-Row Distributing will be the exclusive distributor of Spindletap products across 17 counties that include Brazoria, Galveston, Jefferson, Victoria and surrounding counties.

Spindletap, located in Houston, embraces the booming beer industry and harkens back to the 1901 oil gusher in Beaumont that forever changed the State of Texas. Spindletap Brewery offers cleverly named brands like Boomtown Blonde and Hop Gusher IPA with equally unique packaging. Consumers will be able to enjoy these and other full-flavored Spindletap products at bars, restaurants, grocery , convenience and liquor stores that are serviced by 2-Row Distributing.

“A partnership with Spindletap was a natural fit. Their Texas-focused mentality and true commitment to crafting high quality brands brings much value to our portfolio,” said Jeffrey Wheeler, General Manager of 2-Row Distributing. “We are proud to share these products with our customers.”

“We couldn’t be more excited than to partner up with 2-Row Distributing. When you have a company that’s as good at what they do as Del Papa, and they demonstrate a clear vision of the craft market by creating a new company entirely dedicated to craft beer, you know it’s going to be a winner for everyone.” Said Brody Chapman, CEO / Founder of Spindletap Brewing. “The breweries, the customers, the retail outlets – everyone. We’re thrilled with this opportunity and look forward to building the partnership.”

To learn more about specialty releases and events visit www.tworowdistributing.com or follow your local 2-Row Pint Jockeys on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TwoRowDistributing

More information about Spindletap Brewery can be found at www.spindletapbrewery.com.

About Del Papa Distributing Company
In 2010 Del Papa Distributing celebrated its 100 th business anniversary. From its founding by an Italian immigrant, Omero Del Papa Sr., in Galveston in 1910, to its current operations distributing a variety of national, regional and local beer brands from three distribution centers serving seventeen Texas counties along the Texas Gulf Coast, Del Papa has remained committed to supporting and strengthening the many communities in which its customers and employees live. In 2015 Del Papa Distributing created 2-Row Distributing, a strictly craft beer focused division to provide its supplier and retail partners with the necessary focus, expertise, and category management skills required for this exciting and growing category. Del Papa Distributing still speaks today to those old fashioned values of quality, honesty, integrity and work ethic. If anything these ideals have grown stronger over the course of a century.